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  • AOQUN Creates an Innovation of Blanking Panel Brush Strip!

    AOQUN Creates an Innovation of Blanking Panel Brush Strip!

    September 20,2018.

    There is an old saying, focus on your specialty, and develop it. AOQUN provide a one-stop solution to solve and satisfy customers’ requirement. We are continue to overcome difficulties in production of blanking panel brush strip, never stop. Now we have created an innovation of blanking panel brush strip! The normal brush height of theblanking panel brush strip is range 20-200mm. the filament diameter should be larger than 0.3mm if the brush height reaches 100mm, which can effectively ensure the blanking panel brush strip will not droop in the natural state. Now for the use requirement of the telecom industry, the gap between the server rack cabinet can be big or small, even more and more bigger. Currently, we received a customer’s inquiry that he wants the brush height to be 220mm, and keep the blanking panel brush strip vertical in the natural state. As we know, if we don’t change the brush base, the brush filament is like the hair, droop when it reaches a certain length. More far away from the brush base, it will bend and droop more easily for it has weight. The biggest function of the blanking panel brush strip is sealing and dust-proof, but the drooping of the brush filament will have gap and then affect the sealability. For that, AOQUN has make a suitable blanking panel brush strip production solution for the customer. We aim to keep the sealability of cable entry and continue to do research, choose the right brush diameter and brush length. Finally, our solution has approved and ordered by our customers, who amazed by the speed of making sample and shipping the goods. Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of AOQUN. We meet and overcome difficulties in blanking panel brush strip production, provide customer with more and more blanking panel brush strip solutions, and solve brush problem for customers!

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  • Focus On CCTV 315, AOQUN Escalator Safety Brush for Your Travel Safety

    Focus On CCTV 315, AOQUN Escalator Safety Brush for Your Travel Safety

    September 20,2018.

    On March 15th, 2018, CCTV's annual 3.15 party exposed the security risks of wearing a Crocs shoe and riding an elevator. In recent years, children have experienced various accidents in elevators with wearing Crocs shoes: “a sprain on a child's ankle caused by stuck in an escalator” and “a fracture of the left leg due to the involvement of a ' Crocs shoe' in an elevator”. There are many accidents like this. The soles of the Crocs shoes are mostly too soft and the friction force is large. When a part of the shoes gets into the gap of the elevator slightly, the friction of the shoes will instantly increase, eventually leading to the deformation of the entire foot with the stuck shoes, also causing sprain. Escalator safety is everyone's responsibility. In addition to the individual’s attention during the escalator ride, China has also strictly enforced the installation of the escalator safety brush as early as August 1, 2012 according to the rules of “Safety Regulations for the Manufacturing and Installation of Escalators and Moving Walks”. AOQUN followed the pace of the country and independently develop escalator safety brushes that are suitable for use at China and abroad. Among them, we must say that AOQUN experienced more than two years of development, improvement, and production of the world's first colorful flame retardant escalator brush. This yellow escalator fire-retardant brush not only conforms to the Chinese national standard, but also complies with EU escalator safety regulations such as A17, EN115 and B44. Besides, the brush filament has strong elasticity and high flexibility. It reaches the UL-V0 flame retardant level and is low in smoke and non-toxic. At the same time, the distinctive yellow brush gives the rider a strong warning and enhances the safety protection and aesthetic effect of the escalator. AOQUN escalator safety brush protects you for your escalator riding safety. This yellow flame-retardant escalator safety brush was applied to the well-known Otis, KONE and Schindler elevators in the elevator industry in 2015. At the same time, we have also established long-term cooperation relationships with such well-known elevator companies as Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Kangli. This yellow flame-retardant escalator safety brush can be made of any length with any brush base. The installation of the old escalators does not need to replace the aluminum profile, which help to save the cost of replacement. In addition to the yellow elevator brushes, we can also provide general black escalator safety brush, as well as related accessories and services, such as end caps, screws, pull and bend, punching, and black aluminum spraying, etc. Don't wait until the next time 315 re-explore escalator safety issues, please contact our customer service at once!

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  • AOQUN Escalator Brush Guard Accompany You for Safe Travel

    AOQUN Escalator Brush Guard Accompany You for Safe Travel

    September 20,2018.

    Looking at the above picture, are you familiar with it? If you ride on the escalator, do you use the escalator brush guard as a tool for brushing shoes? In fact, the escalator safety brushes have an extremely important role. It is mainly used on escalators in shopping malls or subway entrances and exits. It is mounted on both sides of the lower part of the escalator to cover the gap between the steps and the side panels of the escalator avoid the security risks. During the summer vacation, many people will go out with the hole shoes. However, the shoes are soft and have a strong surface friction, which are easily caught in the gap between the skirt panel of the moving escalator. It will cause a safety accident and even causes serious injury. According to incomplete statistics, the Japanese Ministry of Trade received 65 complaints about the accident that the hole shoes were caught in the elevator as early as April 2007. In July and August 2008, the American Journal of Pediatric Plastic Surgery pointed out that from 2006 to 2008, 76% of elevator accidents were related to hole shoes, and caused the injuries such as cut-toe, fracture, skin loss, nerve damage, etc. Therefore, please pay attention to keep a safe distance between the feet and the edge of the escalator, and hold the handrail of the escalator tightly. And observe the following signs: AOQUN focus on brush production for more than 10 years, which is a large domestic professional brush manufacturer with fast shipping in 3-5 days and the qualified rate is as high as 99.9%. We have various escalator such as Single row, double row, three rows. We are in long-term cooperation with famous elevator brand manufacturers. Our escalator brush guard comply with the A17, EN115, B44 and the other world escalator safety authentications to provide one-stop solution to the escalator brush guard. AOQUN escalator brush guard can increases efficiency by at least 40% to saves a lot of labor costs, for the brush can be easily slid into the aluminum base for easy installation and escalator maintenance. What’s more, the tensile of single hole brush filament is ≥6kg, which extend the service life3 3 times than common escalator brush guard.

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  • The Development of the Industry can Never Digress from the Pursuit of Nylon Weather Stripping Brushes Quality!

    The Development of the Industry can Never Digress from the Pursuit of Nylon Weather Stripping Brushes Quality!

    September 20,2018.

    Guangzhou AOQUN Brush Industry Co., Ltd is the professional brush manufacturer with the fast development speed, strong comprehensive strength and high-end customers. We have established a long-term cooperation with many international well-known enterprises, such as Schindler, Kone, CRRC, ThyssenKrupp, Hitachi, Fangda, etc. Besides, CRRC and Fangda are the leader enterprises in railway industry, who have occupied over 50% railway projects of the railway industry annually. With the rapid development of society, there will be more and more investment for the trains and subway. The screen door of the high-speed train should choose the high quality nylon weather stripping brushes to be more effective without affecting the train running. I will introduce you the following requirements of the nylon weather stripping brushes for the screen door. 1. Recommended to use the flame retardant nylon weather stripping brushes: because when lit it, it will have the non-toxic white smoke, halogen-free, no drop, extinguish when away from the fire, and it passes through the UL-94 flame retardant test; 2. Then nylon weather stripping brushes should meet the ROHS environmental protection heavy metals 6 items, 10 items and EU SVHC highly concerned substances 169 detections; 3. The nylon weather stripping brushes filament should be smooth, neat, has uniform thickness, no pressure scars, no bend brush filament, no abnormal light leakage; 4. The brush tension should be greater than or equal to 5KG. it will not deform or lose filaments after 100 million times back and forth friction test.

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  • Good News! AOQUN Platform Screen Sliding Door Brush Strips are Applied to Australia Railway Projects

    Good News! AOQUN Platform Screen Sliding Door Brush Strips are Applied to Australia Railway Projects

    July 27,2018.

    Chinese high-speed railways are high-end in the world, which have been applied to five continents, such as Asia, Europe, Africa and America, the specified country are United States, Chile, Denmark, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other dozens of countries. Where there are high-speed rails and subways in China, where there are AOQUN platform screen sliding door brush strips. I want to tell all of you a good news, AOQUN platform screen sliding door brush strips are applied to railway projects in Sydney, Australia to provide a safe, quiet and comfortable travel environment. Chinese railways develop faster and faster, I believe that one day, Chinese railways will be able to ride the long wind to surf forward in the sea! AOQUN strives to provide customers with appropriate and accurate platform screen sliding door brush strips, and contribute more to “Chinese Creation”.

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