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What Is A Qualified Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head?

What Is A Qualified Vacuum Cleaner Brush Head?

December 17,2021.

1. Qualified vacuum cleaner brush pulling force: every vacuum cleaner brush of Aoqun is produced through a strict quality control process. The tensile strength of the filament is 10mm 10 kg, and there will be no lint during normal use. , 10 times stronger than a bunch of hair.

2. Use pure nylon bristles: the vacuum cleaner brush will contact the ground during use. The use of pure nylon bristles can improve abrasion resistance, extend the service life twice, and will not scratch precious floors (or carpets).

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Vacuum Cleaner Brush

3. Adapted base specifications: There are many brands of vacuum cleaner brushes on the market. Different models use different vacuum cleaner brush specifications and different shapes. The base and the vacuum cleaner bristle brush head slot must be completely matched to ensure the use process Does not shake or even fall off.

Aoqun Brush Factory is the first brush manufacturer in the industry to issue the inspection standards for vacuum cleaner brushes. The brushes for vacuum cleaners are all 10mm and the pulling force of a bunch of hair is greater than 10kg, which is more than 10 times the pulling force of a bunch of hair. Our vacuum cleaner brushes have been used by customers for three years without shed hair. Reduce the frequency of replacement for customers, thereby saving costs.

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