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Do You Know The Working Principle Of A Vacuum Cleaner?

Do You Know The Working Principle Of A Vacuum Cleaner?

December 13,2021.

Common vacuum cleaners are mainly portable, horizontal and vertical. It has been integrated into various fields such as shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and families, and is widely used. Do you know how the vacuum cleaner works? Do you know the accessories vacuum cleaner brushes inside?

The vacuum cleaner is mainly composed of three parts: dust collection, dust collection, and dust filtration. And his working principle can be briefly summarized as follows: The motor drives the rotation at high speed, so that the internal instantaneous vacuum and the outside atmospheric pressure form a negative pressure difference. Under such action, dust-containing air is sucked in, and the dust is left in the filter through the dust filter. In the device, the air becomes clean after being purified by the filter. The greater the negative pressure difference in the vacuum cleaner, the greater the air volume and the greater the dust collection capacity. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner brush is also very particular.

In order to remove different items, the material, shape and even material of the vacuum cleaner brush are specially designed. Vacuum cleaner brushes with unsuitable specifications are difficult to travel with a negative pressure difference, and the vacuuming effect is not ideal; and unsuitable materials can cause damage to the carpet and floor, so it is necessary to customize the vacuum cleaner brush. Common vacuum cleaner suction heads are round, flat and square; the craftsmanship includes clip hair, clip hair punching and planting, weaving bottom gluing, etc.; commonly used materials are nylon, PBT, horse hair, polypropylene, etc., which are used in different environments The requirements will also vary.

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