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Vacuum Cleaner Brushes With Different Functions

Vacuum Cleaner Brushes With Different Functions

December 22,2021.

Because the brush is a non-standard customized product, the range of customization and applications can be as many as stars. Today we will count the common brush heads for vacuum cleaners.

. Punching strip brush

Punching strip brush, this kind of vacuum cleaner brush head is our common strip brush product. The shape is changed by punching, bending and other processes, and different openings can be adapted to the card slots of more vacuum cleaners to achieve the cleaning effect. The suction head of the brush of the vacuum cleaner has good tensile strength and is not easy to shed hair.

. Soft velvet roller floor brush

Soft velvet roller floor brushes have become more commonly used with the popularity of hand-held vacuum cleaners. They are often used to clean tiles and wooden floors, and are particularly suitable for sweeping dust and particles.

. Tufting roller brush

The bristles are implanted into the brush handle by means of hair transplantation, roughly in a V-shaped distribution, uniform density, and the bristles have moderate hardness and are not easily deformed. When the floor cleaning particulate matter such as ceramic tiles and wood floors, the garbage will be ejected.

. Dust removal soft brush

It is suitable for dust removal and debris cleaning on the surface of cloth household fabrics such as curtains. The bristles are soft and can suck up the dust and even debris attached to the surface and inside of the fabric during use to achieve the purpose of deep cleaning.

. Side brush

The brush strips of the brush head of the vacuum cleaner are used on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner (sweeper). Easy to disassemble and install, the material is sturdy, used to assist the sweeper to clean up the dust and garbage on the side and corner of the wall.

A brief introduction to several common vacuum cleaner brush heads, I believe you have a certain understanding of the use of different brush heads. Use different brush heads for cleaning different corners and garbage, which can effectively reduce the pressure of housework and make a comfortable and clean life easier.

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