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  • What Is The Function Of The Shopping Mall Escalator Safety Brush?

    What Is The Function Of The Shopping Mall Escalator Safety Brush?

    February 24,2023.

    When shopping in shopping malls, when we take the escalator, careful friends will notice that there is a row of brushes on both sides of the escalator steps. At this time, it is inevitable that some passengers will be curious: what are these escalator brushes used for, and what is the meaning of their existence? So, what are the brushes on both sides of the escalator steps in the mall used for? In fact, whether it is in a shopping mall or a supermarket, or even the subway escalator we take in our daily travel, the brushes installed in a row next to the escalator steps are used to prevent pinching, that is, to prevent pinching. The real name of this anti-pinch brush is "Apron Plate Anti-Pinch Device". The main purpose of setting this brush for escalator safety is to remind us that it is dangerous here, so don't approach it. Because there will be a certain gap between the steps of the escalator, between the steps and the upper and lower end stations, and the surrounding apron boards, to be precise, the gap is not more than 4 mm. Although the gap is not greater than 4 mm, such a small gap may cause clothes or shoelaces to be caught and caught, resulting in escalator safety accidents. In addition, my country has stated in the "Safety Specifications for the Manufacture and Installation of Escalators and Moving Walks (GB16899-2011) that the brush on the escalator is mainly used to prevent pinching. The escalator is equipped with escalator safety brushes in shopping malls mainly to prevent accidents when passengers enter and exit the escalator. Therefore, it is necessary to install safety brushes on escalators in shopping malls to ensure the safety of passengers.

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  • Where Are The Escalator Brushes On The Escalator?

    Where Are The Escalator Brushes On The Escalator?

    February 23,2023.

    The brushes of the escalator are usually installed on both sides of the lower part of the escalator to prevent the safety hazard caused by the entanglement of items such as shoelaces or clothes in the gap between the steps of the escalator and the side panels of the escalator. It is common in shopping malls, supermarkets or subway entrances and exits on the escalator, play the role of anti-pinch. Generally, this brush is set up mainly to remind us that there is danger here, so don't approach it. In addition, the brush on the escalator has another function, which is to prevent some small parts such as coins, mobile phones, keys, etc. from falling into or getting stuck in the gap, thus affecting the normal operation of the machine. So, when you see this, you should know: where is the brush of the escalator and what is the main function of the brush of the escalator. Here, it is worth mentioning that when taking an escalator, you must pay attention to the three common escalator danger points as follows: 1. The gap between the apron board and the steps The dangerous point of the escalator is the place where the brush is provided as a protective device, that is, the gap between the escalator apron and the steps. Although the gap is very small, no more than 4mm, it is very dangerous for children who are active and have little safety awareness. 2. The junction between the steps and the ground If the gap between the steps of the escalator and the ground is not properly maintained, it is likely to become larger. If you are not careful, this place is prone to escalator safety accidents. 3. Triangular area The so-called "triangular area" refers to the triangular area formed by the handrail and the upper floor. This is a dangerous "thunder point" of the escalator. When the escalator goes up to the triangular area, if the child is active or mischievous, if the child sticks his hand or head out of the handrail, his head may be caught, or even There will be bigger safety accidents while taking the elevator.

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  • How To Choose The Right PCB Polishing Brush?

    How To Choose The Right PCB Polishing Brush?

    February 8,2023.

    Nylon brush strips are an ideal choice in the field of wide line manufacturing in PCB manufacturing, such as line width/line spacing > 200um (8mil), copper foil thickness ≥ 35um, and sometimes can be relaxed to > 150um (= 6mil) . Due to its particularly high resilience, the nylon strip brush will not damage the brush roller when the PCB board is warped or the drill bit is broken, and the brush roller will not be damaged if the operator makes mistakes such as forgetting to turn on the cooling water. Stabilize and brush the circuit board and brush roller. Next, Aoqun Brush Industry will introduce the role of nylon strip brushes in PCB manufacturing. 1. Deburring process after drilling, when the burr is larger than 75um, choose the following combination: 180# silicon carbide and 240# silicon carbide 2. In the deburring process after drilling, when the burr is larger than 50um, the following combination should be selected: 240# silicon carbide and 320# silicon carbide. 3. In the deburring process after drilling, when the burr is less than 50um, choose the following combination: 320# silicon carbide and 320# silicon carbide. 4. For pretreatment of photosensitive film, choose the following combination: 320# silicon carbide and 500# silicon carbide. 5. After PTH treatment, choose the following combination: 320# silicon carbide and 320# silicon carbide. 6. For pre-treatment of green oil (solder resist) coating, choose the following combination: 500# silicon carbide and 500# silicon carbide. 7. For the pre-treatment of the gold plate (including gold fingers), the following combination is selected: 800# alumina and 1000# alumina. 8. For the volcanic ash grinding machine, 6pcs of pure nylon spring brushes are used. 9. For flexible plate grinding, choose the following combination: 600# alumina and 1000# alumina.

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  • Comfortable Guangzhou Metro Line 22 and the Secret of Aoqun Sealing Brush

    Comfortable Guangzhou Metro Line 22 and the Secret of Aoqun Sealing Brush

    April 7,2022.

    It has been half a year since the opening of Guangzhou Metro Line 18. The first train of Line 22 officially departed at 6 o'clock today. This is the second high-speed rail transit in Guangzhou with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour, also known as the sister line of Line 18. It is also equipped with the "strongest brain" to realize fully automatic operation system functions. The train can automatically complete departure, operation, door opening, and closing operations, automatic alignment, automatic alignment and isolation of platform doors and vehicle doors, and automatic car washing without driver operation. , automatic line transfer and other functions. The appearance of Line 22 is different from other subways. The appearance uses a streamlined "flying wing" shape, a carbon fiber hood, an integrated outer windshield, the main color of "amber" gold, and a vibrant orange belt. The interior innovatively introduces a healthy lighting system. The color temperature of the light varies with the season in three units. In the design process, taking into account the characteristics of the city express line, the middle car is equipped with 4 pairs of double-opening sliding doors with large openings, so that passengers can get on and off quickly. Adopting a horizontal and vertical combination of seats that is different from ordinary subways, the passenger capacity is 20% more than that of high-speed trains. The subway adopts a fully sealed equipment cabin design, which can effectively isolate external noise. You can pay attention to the joints on the car or the screen doors of the platform are equipped with sealing brushes, and the sealing brushes can effectively block dust and foreign objects and can achieve noise reduction, wind shielding, energy-saving, sealing, and other effects. The filament of the brush is made of nylon filament with high flexibility, strong recovery, elasticity, and good wear resistance, which conforms to the technical standards of the European Union and has a flame retardant effect. The flame retardant effect is close to the UL94-V0 level, it can also be sealed and waterproof, and it also plays the role of beautiful decoration. Last time, we provided screen door sealing brushes, escalator brushes and sidewalk escalator brushes for the whole line of Line 18. Aoqun once again provided sealing brushes for Guangzhou Metro Line 22, and its wear resistance is very good. The industry is exquisite, the brush will not lose hair and deform after 1 million high-speed friction, the filaments are tight, and the performance is intact. The service life of the brush can be as long as 10 years. As an R&D and design team with 17 years of senior industry experience, AoqunBrush has 20 years of industry experience, more than 30 EU and industry certifications, and business in more than 50 countries and regions. Treating products to ensure ingenious manufacturing and worry-free quality. According to the needs of customers, we can provide suitable a...

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  • What Are The Characteristics Of Horsehair Brushes?

    What Are The Characteristics Of Horsehair Brushes?

    March 22,2022.

    Brushes made of processed horsehair are called horsehair brushes. Since yak hair is similar in quality to horse hair, brushes made of yak hair are also collectively called horse hair brushes.   There are mainly the following types of horsehair brushes: horsehair can be used to make polishing wheels, horsehair cleaning brushes, horsehair makeup brushes, horsehair strip brush rollers, etc.   The application effect of the horsehair brush roller is better than that of the ordinary brush roller. It belongs to the secondary development of the brush roller. The horsehair brush roller is more prominent than the ordinary brush roller in terms of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is usually used to treat Surface polishing, waxing and glaze sealing of leather, floor, furniture, etc.   The main features of the horsehair brush are that the bristles of the horsehair tail are soft, antistatic, highly absorbent, and have a good cleaning effect.   Main material made: The main material is the processed horsehair and yak hair. The horsehair is soft and will not become warm due to the weather cooling, and the horsehair is resistant to alkali corrosion.   Horsehair brushes and Horsehair brush roller main purpose: Horsehair brushes are mainly used for civil and industrial purposes. Wide range of civil uses. It is mostly used for painting, cleaning, and daily life brushes. Horsehair brushes are mostly used for surface treatment and polishing in industry. Because horsehair has the characteristics of softness, corrosion resistance and no damage to the working surface, horsehair brushes are also mostly used for dust removal and oil removal of cutting-edge instruments. Most of the raw materials for horsehair come from Outer Mongolia, Northeast China. Horse hair can be divided into: horse hair, horse body hair, horse tail, horse hoof hair, etc.

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  • What Are The Common Garage Door Problems?

    What Are The Common Garage Door Problems?

    March 18,2022.

    The way a garage door works is very simple, up and down, left and right,  open and closed again and again, year after year. Suddenly one day it doesn't work very well, there is a problem somewhere, maybe it takes simple maintenance and quick repairs to continue working. To inspect the corners of your garage door step-by-step: 1. With prolonged use, the rollers and tracks of the garage door are worn out, if you don't remember when it was last cleaned, use a good brush to clean the rollers and tracks now. Apply lubricant, or replace rollers that are not smooth. 2. To tighten the hardware. Various hardware screws can loosen due to the vibration of a bulky garage door as it slides, including the overhead brackets for the garage door, and the screws for the rails. Make sure that the screws in these parts are firm, and loosening the screws is a more dangerous thing. 3. The sealing brush of the garage door is a very important part to prevent insects from entering the garage, bite and destroy, and prevent dust from entering the garage. Therefore, it is necessary to check the garage door sealing brush at a certain time and replace it in time. 4. The long-term exposed side of the garage door has been eroded by rainwater and needs to be painted so that it will not be so easily oxidized and eroded. These are some of the problems I found in the maintenance of the garage door to pay attention to, I hope it can help you, and there are other garage door problems, I hope you can also come to communicate.

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