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  • Whose Polypropylene Strip Brush is Outstanding? Surely AOQUN

    Whose Polypropylene Strip Brush is Outstanding? Surely AOQUN


    When we visited an indoor living exhibition domestically in 2018, we met Vivi of Malaysia by chance. After a conversation, we learned that Vivi's company is manufacturing household doors. Vivi mentioned that their company has a number of products that need sealing brush, but the polypropylene strip brush they purchased has a poor quality. The brushes were proved to be impure and likely to be recycling material after being tested. To ensure the product quality, they terminated cooperation with the previous manufacturer, and considered to find a better supplier during this trip in China.   Before the exhibition, we were all ready, like preparing the catalogue and samples in advance. Not just showing her our development, qualifications and customer cases, we also presented some samples for her reference. AOQUN Brush strictly inspect the selection of materials, to ensure that the material is pure, never use recycled materials. After looking at our samples, Vivi took 2 polypropylene strip brush and aluminum strips with the specifications and materials close to their requirements. she took these samples in order to show them to their engineering for inspection. A week later, Vivi sent an email to inform us that their engineers were satisfied with our samples and now need to make a final proofing confirmation. Four days after receiving the sample, Vivi wrote to us: "Your polypropylene strip brush samples are quite in line with our standards. I will place order to you once we have a need." After three weeks, Vivi sent the first 800-metre order.

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  • Professional PSD Seal Brush Manufacturers --AOQUN

    Professional PSD Seal Brush Manufacturers --AOQUN


    Mr. Cheng works as a purchasing manager for a large PSD manufacturer in Shenzhen. Recently he received a number of complaints about deformation of PSD strip brush manufacturers. For this problem, Mr. Cheng consulted with the brush suppliers for many times, but the result is not good. Mr. Cheng had to look for new brush suppliers.   After many inquiries, he learned that there is a factory specializing in brush in Guangzhou - AOQUN, he contacted AOQUN customer service. Customer service learned about the current situation of Mr. Cheng and asked Mr. Cheng to provide the door strip brush manufacturers, found the brush material is PP, then learned the problem and immediately gave a solution, change the original PP material to PA material. The reason is that PA has higher flexibility, better fluidity, stronger elasticity and abrasion resistance than PP. More importantly, PA has strong restoring force, and does not deform after 1 million times of back-forth friction. AOQUN has been focusing on making brushes for 11 years, and the PA products have passed the national ROHS certification, with guaranteed quality. Mr. Cheng asked to make a batch of samples to see the effect first. Seven days later, Mr. Cheng received the samples, he contacted AOQUN customer service and said: "I was having a try, I did not expect AOQUN is so good at strip brush manufacturers, customers are praised highly. We will continue to cooperate with you and I will place the first order of 800 meters this time.

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  • Flexible Nylon Strip Brush -AOQUN Customization For You

    Flexible Nylon Strip Brush -AOQUN Customization For You


    David from Indonesia sent an email to us, "I saw your company on the Internet as a professional brush factory. At present, I have a batch of garage door sealing that need to be ordered. It is a diagonal brush with aluminum strips. The suppliers I worked with found it too difficult to make and unwilling to develop. Can your company develop custom designs according to my drawings?" Our customer service Lisa checked the drawings and discussed with the technical department. We discussed the details about materials, tolerances, oxidation standards, etc., and quickly confirmed the size of the flexible nylon strip brush for the mold opening. A sample of M56 was opened in half a month and sent to David. David was very surprised to receive the sample, which gave us a high evaluation of our work efficiency and sample quality. The results of the test are also very satisfactory. The brush matched the product precisely. David immediately placed an order of 5,000 meters. Recently, David sent an e-mail and said: "Because of the high cooperation and professional ordering of your company, it meets the needs of the market. The sales of flexible nylon strip brushes are very good. Recently, David has placed another 10,000 meters. I am arranging the order. Please keep production space for me."

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  • You Have to User AOQUN 2 Inch Flexible Strip Brush For Your Door

    You Have to User AOQUN 2 Inch Flexible Strip Brush For Your Door


    Fiona, the procurement specialist of a Korean brand furniture enterprise, called to AOQUN’s customer service: "Our company is specialized in indoor furniture, and our market is aimed at high-end customers." Wardrobe is one of our main products, for most of the ordinary wardrobe, we will install the 2 inch flexible strip brush, on the purpose of keeping dust and insect away etc. Due to the bad experience of quality problems of our previous suppliers, we terminated cooperation with them, so we wanted to find a more quality-assured brush supplier now. After seeing AOQUN’s profile online, Fiona thought we were a high-quality brush manufacturer who could meet their requirements, so getting in touch with us. AOQUN professional customer service specifically introduce our basic information and production line to Fiona. What’s more, we showed her our product certification. Then according to her specifications and requirements, we design the samples for her. Our technical personnel is just as efficient as our customer service. Within 3 days, we completed and deliver the 2 inch flexible strip brush samples that meet Fiona’s requirements. After testing and installing, Fiona told us that the sample performance was very perfect. Professional customer service did more far from this. We also showed her the relevant tensile test report, durability test and other related reports. After seeing these details, Fiona said with confidence: "Working with you is within my expectation" After more than 1 weeks, Fiona sent us a purchase order of 1600-meter 2 inch flexible strip brush. When she received the first batch of goods, she regretfully said: "why didn’t we meet you earlier. That can save us lots of troubles."

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  • Specializing In The Production Of Strip Brushes For Weather Seals-AOQUN

    Specializing In The Production Of Strip Brushes For Weather Seals-AOQUN


    Recently received a feedback from a boss of an industrial door industry, his customer in order to prevent the strip brushes for weather seals to fall-off, has to clamp the aluminum profiles at both ends. Changed a few suppliers, fail to solve the fall-off problem. There are many clamping marks, which seriously affect the appearance, and the clamping force is still not enough. With a gentle pull, the brush will fall out, and the missing clamping also exist, which seriously affects the production schedule. Let the boss Xia feel very annoyed, he found AOQUN through internet, hope us to solve this problem for him. Because we are specialized in the production of strip brushes for weather seals manufacturers, our workshop is equipped with professional production equipment. After the assembly of the strip brushes for weather seals strip is completed, the professional staff will operate the machine and equipment to clamp it, and the inspection will be carried out at the time of packaging to prevent the problem of not clamping or missing clamping. Xia asked us to send 4 samples after hearing about it. Two days later, the boss Xia called and said that their QC conducted repeated pulling tests on our strip brushes for weather seals samples, and found that there was no loosening or falling phenomenon at all, and the clamping mark was also very slight. Boss Xia expressed great satisfaction, the next day placed an order of 3000 meters to u.

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  • Guangzhou Elevator Brushes Manufacturers, AOQUN Is a Wise Choice

    Guangzhou Elevator Brushes Manufacturers, AOQUN Is a Wise Choice


    Mr. Hua is an engineering manager of a large shopping mall in Guangzhou. These days, he is looking around for the Guangzhou elevator brushes. Because at end of the year, 13-unit old escalators in the mall need to be equipped with a brush. If the brush is not installed, the elevator cannot be used, and it needs to be shut down for rectification, which cause a huge loss. Therefore, he can only find the Guangzhou elevator brushes factory on the Internet. Because the delivery period is very short, the old ladder type does not have a suitable pedestal, so many elevator brushes factories are afraid to take this orders. Looking at the losses caused by the daily shutdown, Mr. Hua is in a hurry.   Through his friends who worked in the elevator factory, Mr. Hua learned that AOQUN is a professional manufacturer of Guangzhou elevator brushes and contacted us. After learning about the difficulties of Mr. Hua, we immediately provided Mr. Hua with a suitable pedestal and installation plan, and conducted a field visit to his ladder type. We worked overtime in just 3 days, and we helped Mr. Hua to install all the escalators with brushes, and the mall resumed to the normal business.   After all the escalators are in installation, Mr. Hua made a special call to AOQUN, on behalf of the company's general manager and he personally expressed his heartfelt thanks to AOQUN. "It is AOQUN helps the mall avoid the risk of long-term suspension. AOQUN is a real and big brand company." Looking for Guangzhou elevator brushes manufacturers, AOQUN Is a Wise Choice.

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