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What Are The Commonly Used Brush Strip Aluminum Holder?

What Are The Commonly Used Brush Strip Aluminum Holder?

April 6,2023.

The use of Brush strips cannot be alone, and auxiliary tools are required. The best choice is the metal aluminum strip, which has good oxidation resistance, can be reused, and has strong adaptability. The aluminum brush strip is installed at the bottom of the door, on the top of the door, and on both sides of the door, often in inconspicuous places, and these places are prone to oxidation.

What types of aluminum holders are commonly used in the AOQUN brush strip factory? Let's count, the widely used ones are F type, H type, and T type.

F Type is often installed on both sides of the garage door, and the brush strip fits closely with the garage door to prevent dust, wind, and insects.

F type aluminum Holder

H type is installed on the top and bottom of the door. It is named H type because of its shape like "h".

H type aluminum Holder

T-type is relatively seldom used and is generally installed in the gap in the middle of the door. The garage door is often a rolling door, rarely used.

T type aluminum holder

Of course, there are other brush strip aluminum strips with particular angles. AOQUN brush strip manufacturers also have other special-shaped aluminum strips, such as 45°, 60°, 30°, and many other shapes.

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