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Which Is Better, Nylon Sealing Brush Or Sealing Rubber?

Which Is Better, Nylon Sealing Brush Or Sealing Rubber?

March 29,2023.

In daily life, guys will worry about choosing sealing accessories for garage doors. According to the survey, the answers obtained tend to use nylon sealing brushes and sealing rubber. But which of the two is better?

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When choosing garage door brush sealing accessories, paying attention to what material it is made of is undoubtedly a professional working skill. Some folks will choose garage door sealing rubber, thinking that the sealing will be better, but there are more disadvantages than advantages. Disadvantages of sealing rubber: poor cold resistance, poor elasticity, poor wear resistance, poor oxidation resistance, and easy aging, and the advantage is that it is relatively cheap. The chemical properties of sealing rubber are unstable and undergo significant changes under extreme weather conditions.

Generally, if it is installed on the garage door, choose PA nylon bristle seal brush or nylon seal brush, you can use garage door seal brush, door seal brush, or seal brush to search for similar products. The material of PA has high-temperature resistance and cold resistance, thermal deformation will only occur above 250°C, and cold resistance deformation will occur below -30°C. It can be said that the PA nylon garage door sealing brush has good chemical properties. Compared with sealing rubber, nylon sealing brush has more advantages.

As a brush strip manufacturer with more than ten years of sealing brush manufacturing experience, Aoqun Brush Factory recommends you install our product PA nylon bristle sealing brush.

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