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Can The Brush Roller Clean Fruits And Vegetables

Can The Brush Roller Clean Fruits And Vegetables

May 9,2023.

With the rapid development of society and the continuous innovation and progress of human beings, food and agricultural by-product processing has replaced the artificial era, and fruit and vegetable cleaning machines are chosen, which can clean and peel fruits and vegetables. The main accessory is the brush roller.

The interior of the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is composed of brush rollers. After the food is used, it is pushed into the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine by the spiral brush, and then the food is cleaned by the spray head. Usually, the hardness of the hair of the brush roller is changed according to the number of times of use. If you choose a brush roller with high hardness, you can achieve the peeling effect of root fruits and vegetables. If the brush roller with soft hairs can achieve the effect of polishing fruits and vegetables, some equipment only use sponge rollers to clean fruits and vegetables. Finally, it can absorb water. Of course, the brush roller mentioned here has higher technical requirements than the brush roller in general industry. The shaft of the brush roller is made of stainless steel SUS304, and the brush is made of nylon wire, and the brush roller is made according to the requirements of food hygiene.

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