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Why Can Aoqun's Industrial Brush Strips be Distributed In Multiple Places?

Why Can Aoqun's Industrial Brush Strips be Distributed In Multiple Places?

August 9,2021.

The Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway was formed by the merger of the Kowloon-Canton Railway and the Hong Kong Subway. According to the official website of February 2019, the MTR has 47 operating lines and 161 stations. Which company is the yellow nylon flame-retardant brush with LED light escalator industrial brush strip that protects the Chinese people in the Hong Kong MTR station? produced?

Escalator Industrial Brush Strip

This industrial brush strip that attracts us is the first of its kind in the world by Aoqun brush manufacturer; in 2015, it passed the Hong Kong subway review and applied it to Hong Kong municipal engineering projects. It was built by KONE, Otis, and Schindler and used for 400 MTR electric escalator with 10,000 passengers per day.

In 2018, I was invited and Hong Kong Otis to jointly design a new aluminum base with LED light strips and nylon flame-retardant yellow brush strips. It also made its debut at the Otis booth at the Shanghai International Elevator Exhibition. Elevator manufacturers such as Hitachi, KONE, Schindler and others praised it and discussed new products and technologies enthusiastically.

Aoqun escalator industrial brush strip

Aoqun Brush has 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of brush strips. It selects high-quality raw materials, has its own product inspection standards, and strictly controls the production procedures and machine maintenance, strictly controls the tolerance requirements, and strives to make every customer receive. The brush strips are of high quality.

Aoqun industrial brush strips protect the safety of MTR escalators. Aoqun Brush has also participated in the construction of global metro projects such as Guangzhou Metro, Beijing Metro, Dubai Metro, and so on. Create user-satisfied products and contribute more to China's manufacturing!

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