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Aoqun Brush Factory Carefully To Solve Problems For Customers

Aoqun Brush Factory Carefully To Solve Problems For Customers

December 20,2021.

On August 15th, Aoqun’s customer service received an inquiry from Miss Li, asking whether Aoqun could customize industrial sealing dust-proof brush strips? It turns out that Miss Li's company is an automated logistics system equipment. The products used before are often rubbed and the spray paint falls off. This not only destroys the beauty, but also brings the peeled paint onto the goods.

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After learning about the situation, Aoqun's business manager Chen contacted Miss Li and learned through communication: For the black conveyor belt on the supporting equipment, the profile must be black. The aluminum profiles used in the previous industrial sealing dust-proof brush strips are sprayed and easy to peel off, so I directly recommended Miss Li to switch to anodizing, which forms an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum profile through electrolytic oxidation to improve corrosion resistance. , Enhance wear resistance and hardness, protect metal surface. Then the samples were sent to Miss Li.

After receiving Aoqun’s anodic oxidation industrial sealing dust-proof brush strips, after careful comparison and testing, Miss Li found that not only the appearance is beautiful, but the paint does not fall off after repeated rubbing, so there is no need to worry about the paint falling on the goods and causing customer complaints. . Then an order for 1000 meters was placed directly.

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