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Aoqun Brush Company Fight Against The COVID-19

Aoqun Brush Company Fight Against The COVID-19

April 13,2022.

On April 10, "Guangzhou COVID-19 Epidemic" and "Guangzhou Bringing Stars" appeared on Weibo's hot search. In the face of this sudden COVID-19 epidemic, Guangzhou has been working hard to "race" against the epidemic: quickly organize nucleic acid for all employees , Guarantee living materials, and promote the construction of makeshift hospitals...

COVID-19 hospital

In order to ensure normal production, Aoqun strictly implements the spirit of the document of the government's prevention and control headquarters, and has taken many prevention and control measures during the epidemic. All employees must wear masks, hold a green health code and travel code, and can only enter the factory after measuring their normal body temperature. Disinfection work is carried out on the internal workplace of the company every day. Protect the health of all employees and guard the line of defense against the epidemic.

Aoqun Brush Company defend the COVID-19

Aoqun Brush Factory defend the COVID-19

Aoqun Brush Company office

Making filter brushes

testing the brass wire end stem brush

operate the strip brush machine

Please Our customers rest assured that our factory is working normally and has not been affected by the epidemic. The brushes can be produced in large quantities, and the quality is guaranteed. Customers are welcome to contact customer service for consultation.

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