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  • AOQUN Let Your Worry Free about Escalator Skirt Brush Orders

    AOQUN Let Your Worry Free about Escalator Skirt Brush Orders


    Middle-Eastern Saleh sent us an inquiry and asked whether we can manufacture three-meter long escalator skirt brush. Through communication, we knew Saleh ended cooperation with his previous supplier for the strict custom clearance in Middle-eastern countries. In his last shipment of escalator skirt brush, his supplier cannot provide relevant documents for custom clearance, which resulted the goods are detained by Customs. Saleh was nearly marked in the black list of Customs companies. After knowing his experience, we specifically introduced quite a few cases that we’ve cooperated with middle-eastern customers for years. We knew all the details for custom clearance well. 3-meter-long escalator skirt brush is the frequently-used dimension we make for our middle-east customers. Also, we just spent 1 hour collating all the documents for his reference. After seeing these files, he was quite satisfied and placed order in no time. When Saleh received the escalator skirt brush, he is 100% happy with them and added an extra order worthy ¥500,000. And he recommended his friends to us. Now we are discussing the following orders with his friends.

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  • Prove By Facts: AOQUN Escalator Skirt Brushes is Really Different

    Prove By Facts: AOQUN Escalator Skirt Brushes is Really Different


    South Korea's Kim runs a specialize elevator maintenance company. Last month, he wrote a mail to tell us that he purchased a batch of the escalator skirt brushes at the local market. But when he received the goods, he found a serious quality problem. He said: "I pulled out the filament on the escalator skirt brushes with a little force. I am worried that if I give such a product to my customers. They will never dare to come to us again. Some friends introduced you to me. You are producing escalator skirt brushes I hope you can solve my problems." Sales department colleague Mendy quickly replied to Mr. Kim after learning about his situation. First, we showed him the test video of the escalator skirt brushes shot by our professionals. At the same time, we explained to Mr. Kim the internal control tensile strength standard required the in our company. After our suggestion, Mr. Kim conducted a tensile test on the sample of our escalator plate skirt and its current cargo. The test results show that the pull resistance of our escalator skirt brushes product is about 1.5 times larger than his current using escalator skirt brushes. He stated that our products meet his inspection standards. Two days later, we received Mr. Kim’s PO. Later, Mr. Kim sent an e-mail saying: "AOQUN’s the escalator skirt brushes is really different, your quality and service let me spend fewer cost, so that my guests are more satisfied with our service, give you a Good."

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  • AOQUN Safety Escalator Brush Convoys Your Life

    AOQUN Safety Escalator Brush Convoys Your Life


    No long ago, Belly of New Zealand met a troublesome thing. He reflected with us:“this has been the 2nd accident of our supermarket this year. This hidden danger really caused us a huge economic loss. I surfed the Internet and found installing safety escalator brush can effectively reduce escalator accidents. In addition, I searched that Aoqun safety escalator brush is also a famous brand in the brush industry, so call you for help, hope you can offer me the solution.” Now assembling safety escalator brush has been one of the safety problems that the whole world concern. Different countries also release their own regulations of requiring escalators to assemble with brush. Aoqun’s people immediately took action in response to Belly’s request. First step, we knew about the escalator vertical height and the sizes of bending parts. Afterwards, we rechecked with Belly to ensure the safety escalator brush can fit their escalator well. Next day, Belly confirmed his order with us too, and we began to arrange production. Last month, we got the feedback from Belly, she said,” since using your safety escalator brush, I felt the stone in heart was placed down. The accident rate has nearly dropped to 0. Thanks for your superior quality and excellent service.”

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  • What's the Advantages of AOQUN Skirt Brush Escalator?

    What's the Advantages of AOQUN Skirt Brush Escalator?


    An escalator parts dealer from Iran told us that he purchased skirt brush escalator from some company in Zhejiang, and found the bristles were deformed badly, leaked light, some bristles even fall off after short-time using. Firstly, Let’s answer a question: what’s the role of the skirt brush escalator? Clean the shoes? Block the dust? No, No. It is mainly installed on both sides of the skirt panels on escalators of shopping malls, subway entrances and exits, prevent away the gap between the steps and the skirt panels entrapping the shoe-laces or other things, avoid hidden dangers accordingly. AOQUN skirt brush escalator use sturdy and durable #6063 aluminum extrusions, and pure nylon brush with UL94-V0 flame retardant, with the best elastic resilience and easy installation. No any deformation on the skirt brush escalator after 1 million times frictions at high-speed. Advanced technology ensures the brush be neat and tidy, in a high dense as well. And the bristle tensile can be more than 7N. The dealer kept his thumbs up after listening to our professional introduction about skirt brush escalator! Decided to replace those defected skirt brush escalator without any delay! So far, the replacement of skirt brush escalator from AOQUN has been put into use about half a year, the dealer said the escalator still look new, no any deformation on the bristles, no any fall-off cases happened. “Skirt brush escalator orders can only be placed to AOQUN” the dealer insisted!

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  • Escalator Side Brush -AOQUN Provide You with One-stop Service

    Escalator Side Brush -AOQUN Provide You with One-stop Service


    Where there are escalators, there are escalator side brush, otherwise it does not meet the escalator safety standards. If you know some companies or projects which need to install escalator side brush, you can recommend AOQUN to them. We can give them a professional service, as well as quality products! According to customer feedback, his original suppliers often delay delivery. It takes 8 weeks about 60 days from the order to the shipping, which can not meet the time limit for a project. Moreover, the escalator side brush price is high with large MOQ, for the aluminum profile has large MOQ and long oxidation time. So it takes a long time form oxidation to production. Therefore, it is hard to supply on time when the manufacturer is not big enough. AOQUN has a complete supply system, JIT raw material supply, standard product in stock. We have a set of escalator side brush manufacturing procedure including bending the brush base, drilling, the escalator side brush end holders, the screws, which are fully equipped. Besides, we can bending the escalator side brush in some degree according to the angle of the escalator and the escalator step. When you get the escalator side brush, you will find that it is easy to install, convenient to use with the delivery date of only 10 working days. The main function of the escalator side brush is anti-pinch, it is also call escalator brush. AOQUN can add the flame-retardant or anti-static functions to the escalator safety brush. Our safe and reliable escalator side brush comply with national standard, is authorized by A17, EN115, B44 certificate. The brush filament is environment friendly, which comply with ROHS, SVHC, UL-94V0 and SGS.

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  • AOQUN Provide the Inner Disk Brush Solutions Quickly, Let You Avoid Detours

    AOQUN Provide the Inner Disk Brush Solutions Quickly, Let You Avoid Detours

    September 20,2018.

    AOQUN inner disk brushes are hot sales in China and worldwide, our scope of business reach more than 50 countries and areas. Recently, we received a foreign customer who wanted the inner disk brush. He requested that the inner disk brush has to meet the need of the users. (Then the you find the right company, AOQUN regards the customer as the most important with the enterprise spirit of satisfy customer’s need.) AOQUN professional sales manager has communicated with customer to solve the problem and serve the his needs, as follows: 1. The inner disk brush can not be rust for it is used in an long-term environment with water. 2. The brush filament should not be too soft as not to achieve the best cleaning effect. 3. Moreover, the brush filament should not be too hard to avoid animal skin injuries, and can not play an effective massage 4.     The material of the inner disk brush should be environmental protection, do not contain harmful substances, no fade, no hair loss, to prevent the animal infection and discomfort. We provide what the customer need, the real product they really need. Then we immediately find the corresponding sample to send to the customer in the same day. We chose the 304 stainless steel metal rim as the brush base, it doesn’t rust with water. The brush filament is made of pure nylon filament which comply with ROHS,SVHC, environment friendly, no fade, no harm substances. We select two inner disk brush sample with different brush diameter to send customer, and waiting for the real and ideal test result of the customer. (Look forward to the customer’s test result, will share with you later.) AOQUN has senior experience and professionalism in the brush industry, which can help our customers to solve their problem quickly and let them to avoid detours, make the project move faster and more effective. AOQUN sales the service, not only the product!

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