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AOQUN Let Your Worry Free about Escalator Skirt Brush Orders

AOQUN Let Your Worry Free about Escalator Skirt Brush Orders


Middle-Eastern Saleh sent us an inquiry and asked whether we can manufacture three-meter long escalator skirt brush. Through communication, we knew Saleh ended cooperation with his previous supplier for the strict custom clearance in Middle-eastern countries. In his last shipment of escalator skirt brush, his supplier cannot provide relevant documents for custom clearance, which resulted the goods are detained by Customs. Saleh was nearly marked in the black list of Customs companies.

After knowing his experience, we specifically introduced quite a few cases that we’ve cooperated with middle-eastern customers for years. We knew all the details for custom clearance well. 3-meter-long escalator skirt brush is the frequently-used dimension we make for our middle-east customers. Also, we just spent 1 hour collating all the documents for his reference. After seeing these files, he was quite satisfied and placed order in no time.

Escalator Skirt Brush

When Saleh received the escalator skirt brush, he is 100% happy with them and added an extra order worthy ¥500,000. And he recommended his friends to us. Now we are discussing the following orders with his friends.

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