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Prove By Facts: AOQUN Escalator Skirt Brushes is Really Different

Prove By Facts: AOQUN Escalator Skirt Brushes is Really Different


South Korea's Kim runs a specialize elevator maintenance company. Last month, he wrote a mail to tell us that he purchased a batch of the escalator skirt brushes at the local market. But when he received the goods, he found a serious quality problem. He said: "I pulled out the filament on the escalator skirt brushes with a little force. I am worried that if I give such a product to my customers. They will never dare to come to us again. Some friends introduced you to me. You are producing escalator skirt brushes I hope you can solve my problems."

Sales department colleague Mendy quickly replied to Mr. Kim after learning about his situation. First, we showed him the test video of the escalator skirt brushes shot by our professionals. At the same time, we explained to Mr. Kim the internal control tensile strength standard required the in our company. After our suggestion, Mr. Kim conducted a tensile test on the sample of our escalator plate skirt and its current cargo. The test results show that the pull resistance of our escalator skirt brushes product is about 1.5 times larger than his current using escalator skirt brushes. He stated that our products meet his inspection standards. Two days later, we received Mr. Kim’s PO.

Later, Mr. Kim sent an e-mail saying: "AOQUN’s the escalator skirt brushes is really different, your quality and service let me spend fewer cost, so that my guests are more satisfied with our service, give you a Good."

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