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AOQUN Provide the Inner Disk Brush Solutions Quickly, Let You Avoid Detours

AOQUN Provide the Inner Disk Brush Solutions Quickly, Let You Avoid Detours

September 20,2018.

AOQUN inner disk brushes are hot sales in China and worldwide, our scope of business reach more than 50 countries and areas. Recently, we received a foreign customer who wanted the inner disk brush. He requested that the inner disk brush has to meet the need of the users. (Then the you find the right company, AOQUN regards the customer as the most important with the enterprise spirit of satisfy customer’s need.)

Inner Disk Brush

AOQUN professional sales manager has communicated with customer to solve the problem and serve the his needs, as follows:

1. The inner disk brush can not be rust for it is used in an long-term environment with water.

2. The brush filament should not be too soft as not to achieve the best cleaning effect.

3. Moreover, the brush filament should not be too hard to avoid animal skin injuries, and can not play an effective massage

4.     The material of the inner disk brush should be environmental protection, do not contain harmful substances, no fade, no hair loss, to prevent the animal infection and discomfort.

Inner Disk Brush

Inner Disk Brush

We provide what the customer need, the real product they really need. Then we immediately find the corresponding sample to send to the customer in the same day. We chose the 304 stainless steel metal rim as the brush base, it doesn’t rust with water. The brush filament is made of pure nylon filament which comply with ROHS,SVHC, environment friendly, no fade, no harm substances. We select two inner disk brush sample with different brush diameter to send customer, and waiting for the real and ideal test result of the customer. (Look forward to the customer’s test result, will share with you later.)

AOQUN has senior experience and professionalism in the brush industry, which can help our customers to solve their problem quickly and let them to avoid detours, make the project move faster and more effective. AOQUN sales the service, not only the product!

Inner Disk BrushInner Disk Brush

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