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Precautions Before Using Brush Roller

Precautions Before Using Brush Roller

February 9,2023.

The brush roller, as the name suggests, is formed by staple brush filaments (nylon filaments, plastic filaments, metal filaments, pig bristles, horse hair, etc.) on roller-shaped objects.


When people use the brush roller, they sometimes find that there are problems of one kind or another, so they question the quality of the product. In fact, as long as the manufacturer and the user pay attention to the following points, the brush roller can be well eliminated. The possibility of problems with roll products.

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1. First of all, the brush roller must be cleaned and packaged before leaving the factory, because a lot of broken hair will be produced in the process of planting and flat wool, so the brush wire should be combed before packaging, and the broken hair should be cleaned clean.


2. During the transportation from the manufacturer to the user, in order to prevent sundries and dust from impregnating the brush filaments, packaging boxes, bags and other packaging materials should be used for packaging to prevent damage to the brush roller.


3. Be careful not to expose the brush filaments to the outside (without any packaging) or put them on the ground or in other polluted environments before they arrive at the manufacturer and are not used.


4. Place a cushion on the shaft head of the brush roller to keep the brush filaments upright and clean.

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