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What Is The Use Of A Pen-Shaped Polishing Brush? Aoqun

What Is The Use Of A Pen-Shaped Polishing Brush? Aoqun

August 12,2021.

Pen-shaped polishing brush wire is one of the common polishing brushes. It is mainly used in high-speed portable electric tools. It can polish and polish the surface and interior of small areas. It can improve the quality of metal and stone products. It is used in mechanical processing. An important part.

The commonly used brush filaments for pen-type polishing brushes are copper wire, stainless steel wire, nylon wire, abrasive wire and some alloy materials. The material is selected according to different application scenarios (or the material properties of the object to be polished), so it can be widely used. Such as grinding and rust removal of various metals, inner hole corners, cleaning of weld burrs, wood carving grinding, polishing of various metal surfaces such as jewelry, watches, glasses, etc.

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Aoqun Brush Factory can supply pen-shaped polishing brushes of different materials, specifications and shapes according to customer's application requirements. The styles are diverse and novel, and they can also be customized with drawings and samples to cooperate with customers. The pen-shaped polishing brush supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory has a reasonable structure, carefully selected non-impurity raw materials, and the product has a long service life and good quality.

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