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How Many Types Of Glass Polishing Techniques Are There? AOQUN

How Many Types Of Glass Polishing Techniques Are There? AOQUN

August 25,2021.

There are usually many types of glass in the market. In fact, glass products need to be polished. So what are the different glass polishing methods? Study with me.

Polished glass: Before float glass appeared, some glass needed to be polished to achieve the effect of paralleling the two sides. Polishing glass refers to polishing the two surfaces of ordinary glass or rolled glass with emery, silica sand and other abrasives, and then polishing with red powder, tin oxide and felt.

Sandblasted glass and etched glass: Use 4-7kg/cm2 high-pressure air to blow diamond and other particles into the glass surface to form sand marks. Can depict lines, characters and various patterns. The parts that do not need to be processed are wrapped with rubber, paper and other materials as a protective film. For example, pickling and sintering of sandblasted glass (all sandblasted) will result in rough corroded glass, also known as frosted glass.

Stained glass: Stained glass is a transparent material that can provide color art for doors and windows. Generally speaking, it is coated with a special glaze on the glass, and then the pattern is baked, or the pattern is pasted on the glass. This production method is similar to ceramics.

Colored glazed glass: Colored glazed glass is an opaque colored glass made by sintering inorganic pigments on the surface of flat glass and after heat treatment. With different pigments, glass glazes of different colors can be produced. A single color can be used on doors and windows, and colored glass (also known as granite glass or marble glass) can be used on the internal and external walls or floors of buildings.

Glass Polishing Brushes

Glass Polishing Brushes

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