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Customize Suitable Industrial Brushes

Customize Suitable Industrial Brushes

December 29,2021.

Mr. Hu is a manufacturer of small household appliances such as vacuum cleaners. Because the brushes used in small household appliances such as vacuum cleaners are all irregular custom-made brushes, you need to find a manufacturer of custom industrial brushes. There are very few companies that can customize high-quality industrial brushes, so Mr. Hu has never found a suitable custom manufacturer to cooperate.

It has been heard that Guangzhou Aoqun is a professional brush manufacturer. The company has been established for more than 10 years. Mr. Hu contacted Miss Wei from Guangzhou Aoqun. It is understood that Mr. Hu needs to find a custom industrial brush manufacturer to customize the arch bridge-shaped brush, because the product has high technical requirements, especially the rigorous size requirements, and it can be completed by a professional brush customization company. Aoqun is a company that specializes in custom-made brushes. Aoqun produces customized solutions in 8 hours, proofs in 2 days, and ships quickly. It can not only produce conventional strip brushes and planting brush products, but also customize various special-shaped products according to customer drawings brush. In addition, arch bridge brushes and punch brushes are all mature products of Aoqun, which can be guaranteed in terms of product quality and delivery speed. It is recommended that Mr. Hu can provide drawings for proofing first, and then place an order after confirming the sample.

Mr. Hu was very satisfied after he got the samples. Mr. Hu said: “Through sample comparison, both the brush material and the size data after custom processing are very consistent with the drawing data. It can be seen that Aoqun is a custom industrial brush. Professional manufacturers are very confident in cooperating with professional manufacturers.” Subsequently, Mr. Hu decided to place an order for 500 sets of arch bridge brushes to Aoqun.

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