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Brush Seal Used In Subway Stations

Brush Seal Used In Subway Stations

March 23,2023.

In daily life, I believe that most of the guys who go to work have taken the subway as a means of transportation. A lot of brushes are also used in subway stations. Busy guys should seldom find them. In fact, they are used in many places.

I believe that when you take the waiting escalator down to the platform, you will see the nylon brushes on both sides at the foot of the escalator. Many people think they are used to polish shoes. In fact, this is used for safety. We call it the escalator safety brush or escalator skirt brush to remind people to prevent being caught in the running elevator. Of course, it also has the effect of a beautiful elevator, with metal aluminum strips.

Elevator Safety Brush

When you came to the platform, did you find that the subway screen doors are tightly fitted, in fact, because the screen door seal brushes are installed, the air can circulate, and the screen door seal brushes can reduce noise and prevent dust, and the train runs at high speed When the brakes are applied, there will be harsh noises and dust.

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