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Characteristics Of Sectional Garage Door Sealing Brush

Characteristics Of Sectional Garage Door Sealing Brush

March 21,2023.

Sectional garage doors are a preferred option for many families. The reason is that the sectional garage door has a strong variability, and the length and width of the garage door and the number of plates can be changed according to the needs of customers. There are inevitably gaps in the installation of sectional garage doors, so you can use a sectional door top sealing brush to solve this ubiquitous problem.

When installing sealing brushes on the top, sides, and bottom of the door, it perfectly solves the problem of dust, insects, smoke, and heavy rain entering the garage.

Features of AOQUN sealing brush:

1. Protect against wind and dust, and maintain room temperature.

2. The brush wire has good elasticity, strong flexibility, and is not easy to deform, with a flame retardant effect.

3. Equipped with metal aluminum accessories, it is tightly sealed to prevent rodents from damaging the garage.

4. Reliable quality, available for 4-5 years

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