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  • Why Use Flame Retardant Nylon Bristle Panel Brush Strip?

    Why Use Flame Retardant Nylon Bristle Panel Brush Strip?

    April 24,2023.

    We all know that the cable management panel brush strip is installed on the top, side, bottom, inside, etc. of the cabinet. A small cabinet may use several cable management panel brush strips, and usually the caliber is not too large. So disassembly and assembly must be convenient without affecting the use effect.   Thanks to the high-density nylon wool, the interface is well sealed and protected to prevent dust from entering. In summary, there are the following benefits: 1. Better cable management 2. Make cable management more professional 3. Good air circulation   Aoqun Brush manufacturer recommends using flame-retardant nylon wool to make panel brush strips. The characteristic of flame-retardant nylon wool is that it will not burn continuously, and drippings will not continue to burn. This is a good way to form a fire prevention line.

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  • The Advantage Of Panel Brush Strip

    The Advantage Of Panel Brush Strip

    April 7,2023.

    Panel brush strip is made of heavy cold-rolled steel frame with brush strip, people usually call this brush strip cable management panel. The brush strip above the panel brush strip is made of nylon wool with good resilience. When installing various cables, it highlights the following advantages:   1. Great for keeping cables neat and organized 2. The hard nylon filament can hold the cable and prevent the cable from falling out of reach 3. Save labor and facilitate inspection of cables 4. Panel brush strip can stop unwanted airflow and improve ventilation efficiency 5. Prevent dust from entering and improve the cooling effect in the cabinet   AOQUN's brush strip is made of thousands of high-quality nylon filaments. The nylon filaments are interlaced to form a flexible shield, and the strong cold-rolled steel frame protects the cable from being bitten by insects. I believe there is no better shielding accessories than panel brush strip, welcome to AOQUN for wholesale purchase.

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  • Are There Any Good Cable Grommet Brushes Strip?

    Are There Any Good Cable Grommet Brushes Strip?

    January 17,2022.

    Cable grommet brushes strip, often installed on computer desks, are used to organize cables. Do you know what kind of Cable Grommet Brushes Strip meets the requirements for use? Let me tell you below. 1. In appearance, the wire box brush strip is mainly used in the threading hole position on the desktop, which plays the role of storing and passing the wire. It is required that the brush strip can rebound freely without leaving gaps after passing the line, so as to improve the aesthetics of the entire furniture. 2. In terms of material, the brush wire of the brush strip should be made of new materials for environmental protection. The new nylon brush wire is produced, and no secondary recycled material is used. Because the secondary recycled material contains many impurities, the brush wire is brittle and easy to break. And brushes that comply with EU ROHS, SVHC and other third-party authoritative standards are more worry-free to use. Cable Grommet Brushes Strip 3. In terms of function, the brushed wire material has good flame retardancy, and it can be extinguished quickly from fire, reaching the UL94-V0 level; no dripping, no peculiar smell and no toxic and harmful gas are produced after burning, and it does not cause harm to the human body. 4. In terms of specifications, the size of the brush strip is precisely adapted. After installation, there will be no shaking and abnormal noise, which can ensure that the brush strip is consistent with the furniture as a whole, avoid secondary repeated processing, and thus save labor costs. Did you not expect that there are so many dimensions to choose the Cable grommet brushes strip? Choose a Cable grommet brushes strip, which is convenient for you to organize the wires on the desktop and beautify the office.

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  • Do You Need Our Guidance To Choose The Cabinet Strip Brush?

    Do You Need Our Guidance To Choose The Cabinet Strip Brush?

    October 6,2021.

    There are so many choices of cabinet strip brushes, are you having difficulty making a choice in front of a variety of cabinet brushes when purchasing? In fact, it is not difficult to find the right way to distinguish, the choice of cabinet brush is not difficult at all, please come and have a look with the Aoqun bar brush manufacturer. In the classification of cabinet strip brushes, there are two common categories: rubber strip cabinet brushes and aluminum alloy cabinet brushes. As the name suggests, the difference between the two types of cabinet brushes lies in the difference in the base. The rubber strip cabinet brush is made by the tufting process, while the aluminum alloy cabinet brush is made by the clamping process, and the density of the filaments between the two is different. From the perspective of the selection of the brush wire for the cabinet strip brush, because nylon wire has better resilience and flexibility, when the line passes through it, it will not leave too much gap, and its friction resistance is better than other materials. Good, so I usually choose a cabinet brush made of nylon wire. Select the appropriate cabinet strip brush by its tensile strength. Generally, cabinet brushes that do not shed hair for a long time have good tensile performance. When a bunch of brush filaments are pulled by hand, there will be basically no deformation or displacement. Grommet Cable Management Brushes If the commercially available cabinet strip brushes cannot meet your needs, you can contact Aoqun strip brush factory. Our company has nearly 20 years of strip brush manufacturing experience. In addition to ordinary cabinet brushes, we also produce cabinet brushes with flame retardant effects. Personalized customized service, if you need more details, please contact Aoqun customer service, we will be at your service 24 hours a day.

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  • AOQUN Tells You What Requirements Should Be Met For The Cable Management Brush Strip?

    AOQUN Tells You What Requirements Should Be Met For The Cable Management Brush Strip?

    August 10,2021.

    Now in the 5G era, data centers are indispensable. Of course, tools to organize data cables are also indispensable. With the data management tool, the network management brush box can effectively improve the work efficiency of the installer and save the management staff. Time to sort out the data line. Let's talk about the network management brush box: 1. The network cable management brush strip is produced with brand new pure materials, which meets ROHS, SVHC and other EU third-party testing standards. 2. It can be quickly extinguished within 30s of burning close to an open flame, and does not produce toxic and harmful substances to the human body; 3. The brush filaments are neat and smooth without lint, rebound, and have good sealing performance, which can ensure that the sealing effect is not affected by the use environment. 4. Strong tensile strength, no deformation or hair loss after millions of frictions, and no hidden troubles to the equipment. 5. Supporting supply, flexible and changeable mounting brackets, a variety of brackets with different shapes and sizes have strong adaptability, and can be used on different components and plates, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, and effectively saves labor costs. Steel Cable Management Brush The above are the characteristics that the cable management brush strip should have. Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Industry is a manufacturer focusing on high-quality mass customization of network cable management brush strips. The company has an experienced R&D team in the industry, a complete upstream raw material supply chain, and strong customization capabilities can quickly make samples for you, on time delivery. Today, AOQUN has reached cooperation with more than 3,000 customers and is well received by customers.

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  • Why Do People Say That Strip Brush Cable Should Be Installed In The Cabinet In Summer? AOQUN

    Why Do People Say That Strip Brush Cable Should Be Installed In The Cabinet In Summer? AOQUN

    May 31,2021.

    The weather in Guangdong has been as high as 36 degrees Celsius recently. This kind of high temperature also makes computers and other equipment easy to overheat and cause crashes during operation. Installing the cabinet Strip Brush Grommet has become indispensable. The ambient temperature in summer is often higher than 25 degrees Celsius, so the overall temperature of electronic equipment such as computers and power adapters will increase significantly. When the equipment is running for a long time, hardware with large heat such as graphics cards and CPUs will continue to heat up, which is easy to make the computer It is too hot and causes crashes. Grommet Cable Management Brushes Especially when some large computer rooms are running, even though the air conditioner is turned on in the room, large amounts of heat are still generated when the equipment is running. Spontaneous combustion accidents in the computer room caused by the paralysis of refrigeration equipment also occur in summer. After installing the Strip Brush Plate of the cabinet, the air tightness inside and outside the cabinet can be maintained. Even if the air conditioner suddenly fails to operate due to voltage problems, the Strip Brush Cable acts as a seal, slowing down the loss of air-conditioning, and buying precious time for the arrival of repair personnel. Due to the poor sealing of the server equipment in the computer room, dust can easily enter the inside of the equipment through the gaps, and long-term accumulation may cause the heat to be unable to dissipate during the operation of the equipment and affect the temperature of the CPU. The Strip Brush Grommet of the cabinet can block dust from entering and reduce the accumulation of dust in the cabinet. In addition, the Strip Brush Seal of the cabinet also plays a role in sorting out lines, preventing insects and rodents. However, it should be noted that most of the cabinet Strip Brush Plates need to be customized. When selecting a Cable Strip Brush manufacturer for customization, pay attention to selecting a qualified cabinet Strip Brush Plate.

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