• Mouthpiece Cleaning Brush

    Mouthpiece Cleaning Brush

    September 21,2018.

    Having a saxophone is a glorious thing for music lovers. To make the beloved saxophone to maintain a good sound effect for long term, some may neglect the daily care of the saxophone. I will advise you how to maintain the saxophone in the following: First of all, you cannot be without the mouthpiece cleaning brush, it is an important cleaning tool for the saxophone tube cleaning. The brush filament, which is moderate hardness, can increase the cleaning effect without scratching the instrument's inner tube or affecting sound quality. You also need to use the cleaning tools as shown below: Let me simply talk about the cleaning steps: 1, firstly, take the reed to wash with the absorbent paper to dry the water, and then put it into the reed card. Clean the mouthpiece with a mouthpiece cleaning brush, wipe dry and install the whistle clip, cover the flap head and put it back in the box. 2, Release the screws of the neck tube, remove the neck tube with a mouthpiece cleaning brush to clean the tube for water inside and dirts (not water rinse); then use absorbent paper to absorb the moisture on the cork and coat it with a layer of wax. 3, Use the outer tube cleaning cloth to wipe the dirt and debris of tube and the tube connecting parts, do not put the used cleaning cloth or mouthpiece cleaning brush together with the instrument to prevent the moisture retention in case the leather pad becomes molding or swelling. 4, Put the absorbent paper between the leather pad and the sound hole, gently press to stay for two to three seconds to dry the water, and then gently press the lid to pull out the absorbent paper cleaning the mouth stains (each key should be cleaned). Do not let the scraps of paper stay in the sound mouth to avoid leakage. 5, Every two months, please fill in the button joints of a little oil, do not miss any joints as the saxophone has many joints. But do not fill it with too much oil to prevent the key oil flow on the saxophone tube, leading to early oxidation of paint, and then make vibration cork peel off. It will affect the playing effect. 6, Finally, wipe the surface with a cleaning cloth to get rid off the dirty oil, please pay attention to needle spring, do not prick you hand. For more musical instruments cleaning brush, you are welcome to consult AOQUN at any time!

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  • Why Should Use AOQUN Endotracheal Cleaning Brush?

    Why Should Use AOQUN Endotracheal Cleaning Brush?

    September 21,2018.

    Tracheal intubation is an important rescue technique commonly used in first aid. It is one of the most widely used and effective methods in respiratory management. It is also the basic skill that medical staffs must master in order to save the life of patients and reduce the mortality rate. So what is the main tube of tracheal intubation? Look at the below picture! Tracheal intubation is an elongated hose that requires a suitable endotracheal cleaning brush to clean the cannula. We may have the wrong opinion that it is just a simple endotracheal cleaning brush, we can easy to find one. NO, NO, NO, it isn’t. I believe we all know that these tracheal intubations are directly in contact with the human body, so we also have strict quality requirements for the endotracheal cleaning brush. If we made the endotracheal cleaning brush by normal brush filament, it will lose color, filament, or has very stiff filament, etc. It will damage the inner of the pipeline.and if there are residual endotracheal cleaning brush filament in the pipeline, serious things may happen. I will tell you what material AOQUN endotracheal cleaning brush is made by. 1. Firstly, it is made of FDA endotracheal cleaning brush filament which reached the food safety grade, can directly contact with human bodies with damage. 2. The shaft is 304/316 stainless steel, no rust. 3. Offer different diameter of the endotracheal cleaning brush according to the size of the cannula, in order to identify the different diameter of the brush more easily. 4. The Loop can be added colored beads to identify the different diameters, nice and easy to use! AOQUN is the first brush manufacturer to pass the ISO certification in brush industry. Our products complies with the RoHS 10 items, SVHC 169 items, FDA certification. AOQUN is your preferred endotracheal cleaning brush manufacturer absolutely!

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  • AOQUN CPAP Tube Brush gives you a pleasant breathing experience

    AOQUN CPAP Tube Brush gives you a pleasant breathing experience

    September 21,2018.

    The CPAP tube is the channel between the CPAP and the patient with dyspnea. As the only main road for gas interaction, the wet CPAP tube can easily accumulate dust, breed and leave over the bacteria in it, aggravate the dyspnea. However, the CPAP tube brush is flexible and can clean the angle of the curved tube up to 90°. After unfasten the spring CPAP tube brush, it will automatically extend and can clean the 1 time longer CPAP tube. The CPAP tube brush can thoroughly clean the inner CPAP hose of various lengths, and provide the patient with a clean and odorless breathing environment, which will bring a pleasant breathing experience. The stainless-steel steam is twisted with the pure nylon filament, which is so soft to touch with ultra-high precision of the tolerance ± 0.02mm. The CPAP tube can be recycled after cleaning, help to reduce more than 50% cost of CPAP tube brush for patients. The sourcing, processing, packaging, quality control are throughout the whole process, AOQUN deserve ourselves for 10 years of research and development, design, production of CPAP tube brushes. Our CPAP tube brushes are tasteless, environmentally friendly and safe, which comply with SVHC and RoHS authentication.

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  • AOQUN Straw Brushes Help You Wash Away the Hidden Bacteria

    AOQUN Straw Brushes Help You Wash Away the Hidden Bacteria

    September 21,2018.

    Since the government have opened the second child policy, the birth rate of newborns has improved significantly. In the current environment, mothers’ environmental awareness is growing stronger and stronger. They will pay more attention to how to choose the safe and environmental friendly baby products and baby cleaning products (including the straw brushes). We want to talk something about the straw clean. Many mothers know it is hard to clean the straw. If the straw is not clean enough, it will affect the baby’s health directly. Here we come to understand how to clean the straw of the milk bottle. We have to say, of course, you should use AOQUN straw cleaning brush, for the better and more effective cleaning effect. AOQUN straw brushes have various of brush head process such as, covering with plastic tip, fan-shaped, circling, tying up and so on. Our straw cleaning brush can be effectively prevent scratching the straw. We also have the shaft process as loop or plastic handle. The straw brushes can not only clean the straw of the milk bottle, but also can clean other straws. Whether it is curved, straight, colorful, transparent straw, or plastic, silicone, glass, stainless steel and other materials of the straw, our straw can clean all thoroughly!

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  • Delicate Vacuum Flask with AOQUN Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

    Delicate Vacuum Flask with AOQUN Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

    September 21,2018.

    With several typhoons have passed through, the weather is getting cooler and cooler. We rarely drink ice water like summer. For the busy office workers, who do not eat at regular hours, their stomachs often get uncomfortable. In order to protect the stomach, they will be more inclined to drink warm water, which means that the use of vacuum flasks will be more and more frequently. The vacuum flasks have variou styles, higher or shorter, big or small. With a long time use, it will inevitably have stains inside the bottle. As the vacuum flasks always have small bottleneck, but a big bottle body. If you use your hand to clean it directly with the cloth, we can only clean the space which our hand can touch. The bottle bottom is still dirty which can not get cleaned. Want to clean the vacuum flask effectively? AOQUN water bottle cleaning brush can help you. We can customize the water bottle cleaning brush according to customer’s vacuum flask, to ensure that you can solve your problems. In general, our water bottle cleaning brush can be with a handle or without a handle, the brush head can be made into a fan-shaped, circling or with cotton head, to reach 360 ° all-dimension clean effect. Customer could choose to have a brush handle or not based on their need. We also have the sponge brush, but the service life of the sponge brush is shorter than the nylon water bottle cleaning brush, so we suggest you to use the nylon water bottle cleaning brush.

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  • AOQUN Provide the Inner Disk Brush Solutions Quickly, Let You Avoid Detours

    AOQUN Provide the Inner Disk Brush Solutions Quickly, Let You Avoid Detours

    September 20,2018.

    AOQUN inner disk brushes are hot sales in China and worldwide, our scope of business reach more than 50 countries and areas. Recently, we received a foreign customer who wanted the inner disk brush. He requested that the inner disk brush has to meet the need of the users. (Then the you find the right company, AOQUN regards the customer as the most important with the enterprise spirit of satisfy customer’s need.) AOQUN professional sales manager has communicated with customer to solve the problem and serve the his needs, as follows: 1. The inner disk brush can not be rust for it is used in an long-term environment with water. 2. The brush filament should not be too soft as not to achieve the best cleaning effect. 3. Moreover, the brush filament should not be too hard to avoid animal skin injuries, and can not play an effective massage 4.     The material of the inner disk brush should be environmental protection, do not contain harmful substances, no fade, no hair loss, to prevent the animal infection and discomfort. We provide what the customer need, the real product they really need. Then we immediately find the corresponding sample to send to the customer in the same day. We chose the 304 stainless steel metal rim as the brush base, it doesn’t rust with water. The brush filament is made of pure nylon filament which comply with ROHS,SVHC, environment friendly, no fade, no harm substances. We select two inner disk brush sample with different brush diameter to send customer, and waiting for the real and ideal test result of the customer. (Look forward to the customer’s test result, will share with you later.) AOQUN has senior experience and professionalism in the brush industry, which can help our customers to solve their problem quickly and let them to avoid detours, make the project move faster and more effective. AOQUN sales the service, not only the product!

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