• Wire Brush has contributed to Aircraft industries

    Wire Brush has contributed to Aircraft industries

    September 27,2018.

    A variety of twisted, disc and rotary wire brushes for surface conditioning and deburring applications are used in aircraft industries. The main functions of the wire brush is to round shape edges, remove metal flakes for not to pollute the engine and the oil filters, and to assure the normal engine operation. Generally speaking, it needs us to work closely with the engineers to customize the wire brush, will be much different from the standard wire brush. AOQUN can offer you any material of brushes, such as PP/PA/natural animal hair/metal/abrasive wire, etc.. Further more, we can provide 2000 kinds of brushes meeting with standard specification, and we can customize any brushes to satisfy your unique need.

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  • Coffee Machine Cleaning Little Helper - Coffee Machine Brush

    Coffee Machine Cleaning Little Helper - Coffee Machine Brush

    September 27,2018.

    The coffee machine is the most intimate partner of the barista, right? Usually, make a cup of delicious coffee depends on performace of coffee machine. If you ignore the cleaning of the coffee machine or choose coffee machine brush which has bad quality, it will directly affect the taste of the coffee, or even shorten the life of the coffee machine, then how to choose the right coffee machine brush? AOQUN coffee machine brush can help you. (1)Our coffee machine brush is made by safe , non-toxic,soft nylon bristles, which will not damage the coffee machine and increases the service life, giving you high quality service. (2)More optional coffee machine brush size in line with your different cleaning needs of different machine,the hot selling coffee machine brush diameter is between1mm-35mm, the coffee machine brush overall length is between150mm-350mm. Not the right one for you? We also can customize coffee machine brush for you! (3)The coffee machine brush is made of 304 stainless steel handle, not easy to rust, and good for health protection. (4)The Brush head can be fan-shaped, cutting head and cover with plastic tip for 360-degree thoroughly cleaning. Would you like to have this coffee machine brush? Please contact AOQUN for more information.

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  • The Installation Procedure of Gutter Cleaning Brush

    The Installation Procedure of Gutter Cleaning Brush

    September 27,2018.

    It is very easy to install the gutter cleaning brush. The installation requires neither tools nor any modification to your roof or gutter. Step One: please clean the leaves/debris/waste water out of your roof gutter, and check the down spouts for obstructions. That will assure your successful installation and avoid the expensive fee for clogged down spouts. Step Two: Please fill your gutters end to end with the gutter cleaning brush, you can bend the gutter cleaning brush to fit around the corner of the gutter. If you find the gutter cleaning brush is too long to install in, you can fold it, but needn’t to cut it. It only requires two steps for installation, is it too simple? Thus, the leaves or large items can not drop into the gutter, small debris will be blown away or decomposed, as a result, the gutter will have smooth drainage. AOQUN can not only design the suitable gutter cleaning brush for your house, but also provide the installation. What are you waiting for? Hurry up to consult us about the gutter cleaning brush!

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  • Magical Effect of Gutter Worm Brush

    Magical Effect of Gutter Worm Brush

    September 27,2018.

    We may be unfamiliar with the gutter worm brush in China, but it is in common use in foreign countries. You can see the gutter worm brush in the below picture. Some people may think it is the same as the ordinary brush when they give a glance to the picture. Yes, you are right, gutter worm brush is one of the twisted brushes. However, gutter worm brush has the specified diameter to suit almost every standard gutter of the roof, it is 3.25 inches in minimize, 4.25 inches, 5.25 inches, 6.5 inches and 8 inches in maximize. You can customized the length of the v according to your roof gutter.The installtion is so easy, you can just follow several steps, we will talk later in the other article. The roof gutter is clogged by leaves. The roof gutter is clogged by waste water The Magical Effect of The Gutter Worm Brush: 1. Keeps gutters flowing to prevent clogged gutters and water damage 2. Helps prevent icicles and ice dams, protec our personal safety 3. Reduces or eliminates dangerous, messy, expensive gutter cleaning AOQUN can customize all kinds of gutter worm brushes and provide the installtion guideline for you. AOQUN is the confidence assurance for your purchasing brushes with us.

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  • Never Heard of Anti-rodent Brush? You are Out!

    Never Heard of Anti-rodent Brush? You are Out!

    September 25,2018.

    If you have never heard of the anti-rodent brush, then you are too out. The anti-pest company has start using this product to prevent mice in the building 10 years ago. The anti-rodent brush is very cheap but have the special anti-rodent effect on mice, especially for the mice which like to bite the wires and cables and destroy the communication equipment. The anti-rodent brush contributes most on anti-rodent. The anti-rodent brush usually is installed on a pipe/tube where mice visit often. The good quality anti-rodent brush has symmetrical bristle, feel like stiff and prickly, thus the mice will escape when see the anti-rodent brush. In addition, the shaft is very rigid so the mice cannot push it out. Therefore, it can reach the best anti-rodent effect. AOQUN anti-rodent brush is made of new PA/PP bristle, which distribute evenly. The shaft is twisted by 304 stainless steel to anti-rust, especially suitable for long-term effect of rodent control.

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  • Customize Metal Channel Strip Brushes with Only Four Parameters

    Customize Metal Channel Strip Brushes with Only Four Parameters

    September 21,2018.

    The metal channel strip brush is a strip brush made of the brush filament clipped tightly by steel wire with electrolytic plate, galvanized sheet, or stainless steel plate as brush base, which is applied to escalator, elevator, door and window, furniture, rack cabinet, etc. AOQUN metal channel strip brush can be customized according to customer’s need for their use standard. Let me tell you how to confirm your metal channel strip brush specification. Firstly, there are four parameters for your metal channel strip brush, A= Base Width, B=Base Height, H=Overall Height, L=Overall Length. Please see below: After known the parameters of the metal channel strip brush, and combine with the production range, you will know which specification is the most suitable for you. The production range of AOQUN is shown below: You can ask our CS for more details if you still don’t understand. We will reply you ASAP. We can provide you with the best solution per your need. We think what you think, and devote ourselves to satisfy customer’s need. Want more information of metal channel strip brush, please consult AOQUN!

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