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  • "Are The Steam Cleaning Brush Espresso Wrong?" Non-Existent– AOQUN


    "Are the goods wrong?" In Aoqun, the Guangzhou brush manufacturer, this situation does not exist!   "Guangdong Province Contract-honoring and Credit-honoring Enterprise", "Class A Tax Credit Credit Taxpayer", "Safety Production Standardization Enterprise Certification" These are just some of the honors and honors obtained by Aoqun. For 11 years, it has focused on customizing high-quality large-volume steam cleaning brush espresso. With its business philosophy of honesty management, it has been recognized and trusted by more than 20 industry leaders at home and abroad.   Aoqun implements standardized operations and strict quality control procedures of steam cleaning brush espresso. Sample specifications are sent to customers along with the samples. After the customer confirms the steam cleaning brush espresso, they will file and distribute the sample acknowledgement, samples and their information to the quality control department, the purchasing department and engineering department will sign for confirmation. The quality department will strictly control the quality of "goods" and "sample" in the small batch sample confirmation and large-scale production according to the sample acknowledgement materials. Make sure your product is "real".   In Aoqun, there is no such thing as "the wrong product"! Only the high requirements you can't think of, and no good quality that Aoqun can't do; are you still waiting? Pick up your phone and tell us your steam cleaning brush espresso and we will provide you with the "goods" you want!

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  • Follower Of Environmental Protection - AOQUN, Coffee Maker Brush Cleaner Factory

    Follower Of Environmental Protection - AOQUN, Coffee Maker Brush Cleaner Factory


    The Amazon rainforest in Brazil, known as the "lung of the earth," has been burned for three weeks by a fire that has caused the destruction of 500,000 hectares of forest. This fire has sounded the alarm for the world. If human beings continue to let go, the consequences will be unimaginable. As a follower of the environmental protection cause, Aoqun Coffee maker brush cleaner Factory makes the world cleaner and the mission of their company.   The Aoqun factory strictly abides by China's environmental laws and regulations, and reduces exhaust gas, waste water, waste products and noise pollution during the production process. Save water and electricity consumption, reduce environmental pollution, energy consumption, and strive to protect the environment and make the world cleaner.   The coffee maker brush cleaner of Aoqun Brush Factory are products that respond to environmental protection. The rise of coffee maker brush cleaner has made people choose more recyclable water bottles and straws, because they know that one coffee maker brush cleaner can reduce the use of disposable plastics.      Aoqun's material selection also adheres to the mission of environmental protection. The materials have passed FDA, UL-94V0, ROHS10, SVHC and other certifications.   The fire of the Amazon rain forest will attract a series of butterfly effects in the near future. Aoqun Coffee maker brush cleaner Factory contributes its own contribution to environmental protection. As the owner of the earth, we should also use our own capabilities to support In the cause of environmental protection, everyone uses their own actions to make the world cleaner.

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  • The Craftsman Spirit Behind The Espresso Group Cleaning Brush – AOQUN

    The Craftsman Spirit Behind The Espresso Group Cleaning Brush – AOQUN


    The espresso group cleaning brush manufacturer Aoqun has also won praise from domestic and foreign customers by virtue of its craftsmanship. 1. Aoqun has a complete production system plan (human, machine, material, method, measurement, and environment), establishes AQS standards, 12 quality inspection links, 39 craftsmanship ingenuity manufacturing, and a factory pass rate of 99.5% or more. Do their best for every espresso group cleaning brush. 2. As a manufacturer of espresso group cleaning brushs, Aoqun has a 5000㎡ standardized factory building; Germany's fully automated production equipment with a daily production capacity of 65,000 meters; 17 years of industry experience in the R & D design team, customized solutions within 8 hours, 2 days Submit samples. Continue to serve every customer with professional, dedicated craftsmanship. 3. Aoqun thoroughly researches the application of espresso group cleaning brushes, and provides one-to-one solution planning, product and project development and design; according to the different application requirements and use effects of each customer, customized solutions are provided. At the same time, there is also a professional customer tracking service, in order to solve each customer's incurable diseases.

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  • High-Quality Coffee Filter Cleaner Brush Should AOQUN

    High-Quality Coffee Filter Cleaner Brush Should AOQUN


    Aoqun has been continuously innovating for 12 years, constantly improving itself and becoming the leader in the coffee filter cleaner brush. So what are the advantages of high-quality coffee filter cleaner brush manufacturer?   1. With a 17-year R & D team, it can be customized according to the requirements of different industries. 2. 65 twisted wire coffee filter cleaner brush machine, with a production capacity of more than 20 million meters. 3. Scale the upstream and downstream industry chain to control quality from the source; and obtain ISO9001-2015 management system certification. 4. Strictly abide by China's environmental laws and regulations. It is the first company in the industry to obtain the approval and acceptance of the environmental assessment, and do its part to improve the living environment of human beings.   Every coffee filter cleaner brush is carefully prepared. Aoqun concentrates on studying the application requirements and requirements of coffee filter cleaner brush, and actively provides customers with suitable and accurate coffee filter cleaner brush.

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  • Customized Espresso Maker Cleaning Brush Manufacturer - AOQUN

    Customized Espresso Maker Cleaning Brush Manufacturer - AOQUN


    Destiny is really in your own hands, as long as you pay attention to the rules of doing good things, then act in accordance with the law. Customized espresso maker cleaning brush manufacturers- Aoqun. is such a company that focuses on the espresso maker cleaning brush for decades. The professional level is often copied but never surpassed. With the absolute advantages in the brush industry: 1. Customized solution in 8 hours, proofing in 2 days; 2. The qualified rate of products leaving the factory is ≥99.5%, and the timely delivery rate is ≥98%; 3. Customer satisfaction ≥95%, pre-job training 100%; 4. 12 quality inspection links, strict quality control procedures and perfect product quality traceability system; 5. Customize the solution according to the needs of the customer's application and the effect of use. I make the decision in my life! Customized espresso maker cleaning brush manufacturers- Aoqun, an industry leader, keep in mind the mission of the company: make the world cleaner! Carefully make every espresso maker cleaning brush!

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  • What Kind Of Coffee Machine Cleaning Brush Is The Best? AOQUN

    What Kind Of Coffee Machine Cleaning Brush Is The Best? AOQUN


    In order to use coffee machine for a longer time, you need to use an coffee machine cleaning brush. 1: Aoqun's high-quality coffee machine cleaning brush is made of pure nylon, which has good resilience and can remove residue stains. 2: Aoqun's high-quality coffee machine cleaning brush is made of 304 stainless steel, which has good elasticity, is not easy to deform, and is durable. 3: Some materials of Aoqun's high-quality coffee machine cleaning brush have passed the FDA, ROHS, SVHC and other certifications, and are safe and non-toxic. The coffee machine is not clean, which will affect the taste and service life. Aoqun focuses on the customization of high-quality large-volume coffee machine cleaning brushes, and actively provides customers with suitable and accurate customized solutions that meet the requirements of use.

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