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  • A Veritable Espresso Utility Brush-AOQUN

    A Veritable Espresso Utility Brush-AOQUN


    Aoqun tells you clearly that our espresso utility brush can stand the test and is definitely pure filament! First of all, our espresso utility brush has the unique abrasion resistance of nylon. According to customer experiments, it has been rubbed back and forth for 1 million times at high speed without deformation, and its performance is good. Then, when our espresso utility brush is lit, it burns slowly, the outer layer of the flame is yellow, and the inner layer is light blue, white smoke, no bad smell, non-toxic and harmless. Finally, our espresso utility brush complies with SVHC 191 and EU ROHS 10 testing standards and is certified by authoritative agencies. Aoqun has been focusing on customizing high-quality large-volume espresso utility brushes for 18 years, insisting on using pure filament to produce products, and never cheating. Now it has provided high-quality pure material brush products to high-end companies in more than 20 industries, with operations in more than 50 countries and regions. Aoqun is your trusted espresso utility brush supplier.

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  • What Factors Affect The Price Of Italian Espresso Brush? AOQUN

    What Factors Affect The Price Of Italian Espresso Brush? AOQUN


    There are many Italian espresso brush products on the market, and the prices vary according to the quality. Is the high price italian espresso brush good? What factors affect the price of italian espresso brush? 1. Region where the manufacturer is located Region is one of the factors affecting the price of italian espresso brush. If the Italian espresso brush manufacturer you work with is located in a relatively economically developed area, the price of the product will naturally be high, and the price of the product in the general economic environment will be relatively low, because it also contains labor costs. So, some people choose to purchase across provinces and countries. 2. The nature of the manufacturer There are many manufacturers of italian espresso brushes, and the nature of the manufacturers will also affect the price of the product. Here can be divided into production manufacturers and distributors. The price of the product of the dealer will be higher than that of the manufacturer, because they have to earn the difference between them to make a profit. 3.Material of product Some manufacturers will use secondary recycled materials to produce products, and some manufacturers will use pure raw materials to produce products. Naturally, the price of Italian espresso brush will be different. In summary, you should clearly understand the factors that affect the price of italian espresso brush! When we buy italian espresso brush products, we still need to consider comprehensively to buy high cost-effective products. Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale company producing Italian espresso brushes. For 11 years, it has insisted on using pure materials to customize Italian espresso brush for customers. The quality of its products has been recognized by many customers. Various italian espresso brush products that meet the requirements of the industry.

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  • Make Every Espresso Grinder Brush With Your Heart – AOQUN

    Make Every Espresso Grinder Brush With Your Heart – AOQUN


    Aoqun has never forgotten its original intention and has the corporate mission of "make the world cleaner". For more than ten years, every brush has been carefully prepared, and millions of espresso grinder brushes are supplied every year. Why do these high-end customers choose to cooperate with Aoqun?   Because Aoqun insists on using pure material filament to produce each espresso grinder brush, and never uses secondary recycled materials for production. This is Aoqun's commitment;   Due to the strong strength of Aoqun Brush Industry, the introduction of fully-automatic imported equipment, the annual output of espresso grinder brush is 20,217,600 meters, which is efficient and high quality, and can provide customers with fast delivery;   Because Aoqun has a solid customer service team and a production team with 17 years of R & D technology experience, it can use its professional knowledge to solve doubts for customers, design feasible and effective solutions, and produce espresso that meets customer needs. grinder brush.   Like the brand concept of “focus on quality, reflect value”, such as Aoqun, they will work harder in the future to supply high-quality espresso grinder brushes for more industries.

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  • Don'T Ignore The Espresso Brush Cleaner – AOQUN

    Don'T Ignore The Espresso Brush Cleaner – AOQUN


    Did you choose the right espresso brush cleaner for your coffee machine?   As a 11-year custom manufacturer of espresso brush cleaner, I am willing to share with you the tips for selecting espresso brush cleaner:   1. Filament is recommended to use pure nylon filament. Pure nylon filament has good resilience and is not easily deformed, ensuring that it will not be replaced frequently due to the deformation of the espresso brush cleaner itself.   2. The pulling force of espresso brush cleaner is> 3kg. The anti-tension espresso brush cleaner is not easy to lose filament, and keeps the internal environment of the coffee machine dry and clean, so as to avoid malfunction due to the wrong entry of filament and affect the user experience.   The espresso brush cleaner independently developed by Aoqun is widely used in domestic and foreign coffee machines. Aoqun espresso brush cleaner is standard part on your coffee machine!

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  • Innovation Changes Destiny,Coffee Percolator Brush Pioneer AOQUN

    Innovation Changes Destiny,Coffee Percolator Brush Pioneer AOQUN


    As a large-scale coffee percolator brush manufacturer with innovative spirit, Aoqun has been relying on the professional, dedicated company spirit to integrate innovation into the research and development of coffee percolator brush, and has always provided customers with professional use solutions.   1. Pure nylon filament, food-grade certified filament, in addition to preserving the original advantages of nylon filament: abrasion resistance, high flexibility, long service life, the coffee percolator brush can be safely used in food;   2. High-quality 304 stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and not easy to rust. Excellent craftsmanship, the twin stainless-steel wires are tightly spliced, and no filament loss occurs, which ensures that the coffee percolator brush will not affect the quality of the due to filament loss during use.  

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  • Take You Into The Manufacturer Of Espresso Grouphead Brush In China - AOQUN

    Take You Into The Manufacturer Of Espresso Grouphead Brush In China - AOQUN


    With the rise of Alipay, online shopping, bike sharing, and high-speed rail in China, Chinese technology has made the world look impressive. The progress of China's science and technology is obvious to all, and China's production industry is already well-known in the world, but there are many Chinese manufacturers. How to choose the correct manufacturer of espresso grouphead brush?   A correct and suitable manufacturer needs to have sufficient experience, able to solve problems in a timely manner and continue to innovate. Aoqun has 17 years of experience. When faced with problems encountered in practice, they will brainstorm in time, gather the strength of everyone to solve the problem, and in the process of solving, divergent thinking and innovate new espresso grouphead brush.   A correct manufacturer of espresso grouphead brush must also have good quality. Aoqun selects high-quality raw materials, has its own product inspection standards, and strictly controls the production process, as well as the maintenance of the machine and the strict control of tolerance requirements. Every espresso grouphead brush is of high quality.   It is not difficult to choose the manufacturer of the espresso grouphead brush. There are many brush industry in China, but the Aoqun is definitely the best choice.

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