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  • Coffee Thermos Brush,AOQUN Makes The World Cleaner

    Coffee Thermos Brush,AOQUN Makes The World Cleaner


    There is a manufacturer of high-quality coffee thermos brushes in Guangzhou: Aoqun. The quality management concept is worthy of our discussion: 1. Aoqun formulated the quality acceptance standards for coffee thermos brush products. The quality standards are widely recognized by customer and used for reference. 2. Aoqun coffee thermos brush has 12 quality inspection links, strict quality control process and perfect product quality traceability system, 39 ingenious craftsmanship to create good quality. 3. Aoqun coffee thermos brushes are produced only with genuine new materials. Each brush is carefully made, and the service life is three times higher than that of the products on the market. 4. Aoqun thoroughly researches the application requirements of the coffee thermos brush industry, and has a 17-year senior industry experience R & D design team to supply brush products.

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  • Only Such Coffee Decanter Brushes Have Market Competitiveness! AOQUN

    Only Such Coffee Decanter Brushes Have Market Competitiveness! AOQUN


    There are many coffee decanter brushes on the market. What kind of coffee decanter brushes can be competitive in the market and let consumers take the initiative to "pay" for you? Highly quality is first and foremost. And product quality can be reflected in raw materials and processes. The coffee decanter brush produced with new raw materials during production will be at least 200% better than the inferior (secondary recycling) material in terms of performance, use effect and service life. Take nylon as an example. The brand-new nylon has good soft resilience. It can rebound instantly when folded at 90 °. The rebound rate is as high as 99.9%. It does not deform and discolor. It can guarantee the structural integrity of 15 years. Products made from secondary recycled materials are far from being effective. Of course, good raw materials must be combined with good production technology to produce high-quality coffee decanter brushes. Some coffee decanter brush factories are small in scale, and multiple operations in one process break the integrity of the product or manual production leads to inaccurate tolerances, and the final product does not meet the requirements for use. This is a common situation. Therefore, the combination of high-quality raw materials and good technology can produce a competitive coffee decanter brush. Another is the service capabilities of manufacturers. In today's society, consumers attach great importance to their consumption experience, so service capabilities have become one of the market competitiveness. I can’t give a customized solution after procrastination. If the call does not respond, the coffee decanter brush with unfamiliar professional knowledge,will you consume again? Aoqun, specialized in producing coffee decanter brushes for 11 years. Over the years, we have used brand-new raw materials for production, and coffee decanter brushes have passed more than 30 authoritative EU and industry certifications. The company has imported advanced automatic production equipment from Germany and a coffee decanter brush with a daily output of 65,000 meters, which is highly efficient in production. In addition, the R & D and design team with 17 years of experience in the industry can provide you with a professional and feasible customized solution for 8 hours. A 100% pre-job training professional customer service will work with you on a one-on-one project, and we will produce every coffee decanter brush carefully for you!

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  • Did You Know That The Special Properties Of Espresso Brush Coffee? AOQUN

    Did You Know That The Special Properties Of Espresso Brush Coffee? AOQUN


    The high temperature resistance of nylon material can be used for a long time under the condition of 200 ℃, and the performance is maintained intact, and then common nylon espresso brush coffee can be produced. High flexibility and strong resilience are also its advantages. It folds 90 ° in half to rebound instantly and is very wear-resistant. Experiments have shown that espresso brush coffee does not deform when rubbed for 1 million times. Guangzhou Aoqun has experience in customizing nylon espresso brush coffee for the coffee industry. It can customize high-quality and accurate nylon espresso brush coffee according to customer use requirements and application scenarios. It also has 18 years of industry experience. The production design team can provide reasonable and effective solutions to the problems encountered by your project.

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  • Kaleidoscopic Coffee Cleaning Brush – AOQUN

    Kaleidoscopic Coffee Cleaning Brush – AOQUN


    There is a brush for coffee machine cleaning, more people would like to call it a coffee cleaning brush. n order to adapt to cleaning different coffee machines, in addition to different sizes, the brush head is also ever-changing.   Different brush heads have different emphasis on cleaning, but each brush head is designed to better adapt to different coffee machines and to better the bottom of the coffee machine to make users more satisfied. Commonly used coffee cleaning brush heads have the following types: fan-shaped, winding, cotton head. The cotton head coffee cleaning brush is softer, the angle of cleaning around the flower is wider, and the angle of fan cleaning is relatively single.   Different brush heads have different cleaning characteristics, and the brush heads are ever-changing. The above types are just a part of them. Want to know more about coffee cleaning brush? Aoqun can help you.

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  • Can't Find A Stable Supplier For Expresso Coffee Brush? AOQUN

    Can't Find A Stable Supplier For Expresso Coffee Brush? AOQUN


    Have you ever experienced such troubles? The original supplier was missing, or the delivery time was long, and the price suddenly increased. Customers encounter this situation in particular in the expresso coffee brush industry, because there are many family workshops in this industry, which do not meet environmental protection requirements, have not obtained ISO certification, and the factory is unstable.     However, you don't have to worry too much. As the 18 years of industry experience of Aoqun, based on the interests of customers and the starting point for customer satisfaction, according to the application needs of the expresso coffee brush industry, stocks of some commonly used raw materials.   A stable and advantageous supply chain ensures that the price of Aoqun is more stable and advantageous than other peers. In addition, the elite customer service of Aoqun always remembers the needs of customers, and according to the rules of customers' expresso coffee brush orders in previous years, remind customers in advance, not only to ensure the delivery time for customers, but also to better materials for the company's PMC department The plan provides a timely and effective basis.   There is also the production capacity of Aoqun's expresso coffee brush and brush manufacturing technology. The annual production capacity of more than 13 million meters guarantees a 100% delivery qualification rate. Due to the large number of specifications and the wide production range, customers can meet the needs of various specifications.   Worried about finding a stable supply of expresso coffee brushes? Aoqun can help you solve your problems!

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  • A High Quality Espresso Filter Brush Manufacturer – AOQUN

    A High Quality Espresso Filter Brush Manufacturer – AOQUN


    Have you ever encountered a situation where the products supplied by the supplier always delays delivery, or even unreasonably increases the price? These dishonest behaviors are common in all walks of life, and of course, the espresso filter brush industry is no exception.   Aoqun is a manufacturer with 11 years of custom-made espresso filter brush products. When you come to Aoqun, their troubles are all solved. Do you know why? Today, let me briefly introduce you to Aoqun, a manufacturer specializing in high-volume and high-quality custom production of espresso filter brushes.   Espresso filter brush is a non-standard product. In terms of technology, Aoqun combined with its own superb craftsmanship has customized and produced precise espresso filter brush products for the coffee industry that meet their requirements, and has been highly recognized by customers.   In terms of materials, Aoqun has perfect testing links to ensure the use of new raw materials to produce espresso filter brush products, and to ensure that the use of products customized for customers is maximized.   In terms of production capacity, Aoqun has imported fully automated production equipment imported from Germany, with a daily production capacity of 65,000 meters, which can meet the customer's large-scale order requirements, and the on-time delivery rate is as high as ≥98%.

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