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Which Company Makes Industrial Brushes Well? AOQUN

Which Company Makes Industrial Brushes Well? AOQUN

October 20,2021.

With the continuous development of China Industry, industrial brushes have also become an indispensable part of industrial machinery and equipment. According to the production process, they can be divided into five categories: planting brushes, strip brushes, spring brushes, twist brushes and injection brushes. It can be divided into strip brushes, disc brushes, brush rollers, special-shaped brushes and plate brushes.

In industrial production, industrial brushes are roughly divided into three uses: roughing, cleaning and finishing. Common rough processing treatments are mostly used for metal surface cleaning, dust removal, polishing, etc.; and cleaning treatments include parts cleaning, food and vegetable cleaning, peeling, decontamination, and degreasing, etc.; and finishing treatments are mostly used for precision parts Polishing, grinding and deburring process. In addition, it is also suitable for industries such as glass, steel, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics, packaging, printing, home appliances, furniture, cigarettes, food, beverages, fruits, vegetables, environmental sanitation, textile printing and dyeing.

Aoqun brush manufacturers provide one-stop customization services for industrial brushes, and a dedicated person will solve your customization troubles one by one. If you are not at ease, you can visit our company directly to visit the production process, and you will be satisfied!

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