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Where Is The Anti-Static Brush Used?

Where Is The Anti-Static Brush Used?

January 10,2022.

The appearance of electronic products has changed our lives. Because the field of electronic products is very wide, basically all the things we use daily are inseparable from electronic products, such as computers, mobile phones, watches, televisions, and so on. Our lives are inseparable from electronic products. Similarly, the production of electronic products cannot be separated from anti-static brushes.

We all know that if dust falls into the circuit board during the production process of electronic parts, it will not only affect the quality of the electronic product itself, but also have a great impact on the subsequent production process of the product. Therefore, an anti-static brush must be used. Anti-static brushes are used in the production process of electronic parts, and electronic parts, circuit boards and other products are constantly cleaned and brushed to remove dust, so as to protect the products from electrostatic interference and affect the accuracy while maintaining the cleanliness of the products.

There is also a certain danger of static electricity. The dander dust will catch on static electricity and cause fire, which can cause electrical short-circuit and fire. Therefore, everyone should regularly use anti-static brushes to clean electronic circuit boards. Aoqun Brush Manufacturer focus on customizing high-quality high-quality brushes in large quantities. With 11 years of rich industry experience, we can customize and produce high-quality anti-static brushes of various specifications for you.

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