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What Are The Advantages Of Aoqun Brush Factory?

What Are The Advantages Of Aoqun Brush Factory?

October 29,2021.

There are many manufacturers of brush strips, and certainly not many are worthy of your trust. Aoqun brush strip manufacturers are worthy of your trust regardless of their soft or hard strength.


Aoqun brush manufacturer is a brush strip manufacturer that companies in more than 50 countries and regions around the world choose to trust and cooperate with. It has been rooted in the strip brush industry for nearly 20 years. It has rich and unique industry customization experience and independent research and development for customers according to customer requirements. Customized brushing products, obtained dozens of patent certifications, is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, A-level tax credit taxpayer, Guangdong Province contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise, and has obtained ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification. Quality and integrity have been supported by long-term cooperation with customers. Delivery time ≥98%, customer satisfaction ≥99.9%.


The brush strip produced by Aoqun Brush Factory has a straight base, neatly flying hair, pulling force ≥10kg, no hair loss, and a dimensional tolerance of only ±0.2mm. Aoqun is such a strong brush manufacturer, and it's not time to place an order.

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