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The Importance of Cleaning Solar PV Panels

The Importance of Cleaning Solar PV Panels

February 1,2023.

After the photovoltaic system is installed, the user is most concerned about the power generation, because it is directly related to the user's return on investment. There are many factors that affect the power generation, such as the quality of components, inverters, cables, installation orientation azimuth, inclination angle, dust, shadow occlusion, system scheme for component and inverter ratio, line design, construction, grid voltage, etc. factors are possible.

The most common types of pollution solar photovoltaic panels are the following:

Components affected by dust. The dust on the surface of the panel has the functions of reflecting, scattering and absorbing solar radiation, which can reduce the transmittance of the sun, resulting in a decrease in the solar radiation received by the panel and a decrease in output power.

1. The influence of temperature, with the accumulation of dust on the surface of the module, the heat transfer resistance of the photovoltaic module is increased, and it becomes the heat insulation layer on the photovoltaic module, which affects its heat dissipation.

2. Blocking effect, dust adheres to the surface of the battery panel, which will block the light, absorb and reflect the light. Compared with the dusty components, the output power of the clean battery panel components is at least 5% higher.

3. The surface of photovoltaic panels is mostly made of glass. When wet acidic or alkaline dust is attached to the surface of the glass cover, the glass surface will be slowly eroded.

Photovoltaic panels are very fragile and cannot be cleaned with hard objects. They cannot be stepped on solar panels, brackets and other parts. They are easy to damage the power station and affect the service life. Therefore, use a fully automatic cleaning machine equipped with solar panel cleaning brushes. , is the best cleaning tool. The solar cleaning brush installed in the cleaning machine is made of thousands of filaments, which will not damage the solar photovoltaic panels.

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