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The Application Of Strip Brush On The Bus

The Application Of Strip Brush On The Bus

March 9,2023.

The strip brush is also a kind of industrial brush. The main features of the strip brush are dustproof, isolation, cleaning, and cleaning. Maybe you haven't noticed, in fact, strip industrial brushes can be seen all the time in our life, and their application range is very wide. Strip industrial brushes are generally used in places that we can hardly see. Look carefully, it is difficult to find the existence of its strip-shaped industrial brush. Strip industrial brushes are not like other iron strip brushes and sealing strip brushes. We can know the purpose of these industrial brushes according to the name. It is difficult to judge the application of strip brushes based on the name. So where exactly is the bar brush used? Today we will mainly talk about the application of strip brushes on buses and elevators.


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I believe everyone has taken a bus. In fact, there is a door brush strip sael on the bus. Where is the strip brush installed on the bus? What kind of function does it play? In fact, the strip brush is installed on the bus The bottom of the active door is used to prevent dust from entering the public car, and at the same time, it plays the role of partition and cleaning. The strip brush is installed under the active door like a broom, bringing people The dust and garbage on the car are swept out while closing the door. In addition, the strip brush is also used on the elevator, and its function is to prevent static electricity and remove dust. Especially for elevators, there are strip brushes installed under both sides of the elevator to prevent dust from slipping into the elevator. When walking on it, it can also remind people not to put their hands or feet close to the edge of the elevator to prevent dust from appearing in accidents.

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