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Advantages Of AOQUN Strip Brush

Advantages Of AOQUN Strip Brush

March 24,2023.

At Aoqun Brush Factory, our star product is the strip brush. The strip brush can be used for many purposes, and each use has its own unique name. Installed on the door can be called door weather seals or door seal strip brush; used in the cabinet is called cable brush panel or brush grommet; installed on both sides of the escalator, generally called escalator safety brush or escalator skirt brush, there are countless use. You can come to consult us wherever you think you can use the brush strip.

AOQUN Strip Brush Seal


Our AOQUN strip brushes are produced according to our strict production standards, and are checked one by one against the inspection standards before shipment. The reason why we can sell well all over the world is that our strip brushes have many certifications, including:




3. UL94-V0 test

4. Bombardier Smoke Density Test

5. EN45545-2 EU fire and flame retardant smoke toxicity test

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