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How To Reduce Infection By Cleaning And Reusing Medical Equipment? | AOQUN

How To Reduce Infection By Cleaning And Reusing Medical Equipment? | AOQUN

August 18,2021.

According to the data provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the hospital performs tens of millions of surgical operations in a year, and each time medical equipment and surgical instruments are used, and some of the surgical instruments are in direct contact with human wounds. of. But precisely because of this contact, pathogens and bacteria are more easily transferred, and the risk of infection is increased. Therefore, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization are an extremely important process to reduce the transmission of infectious pathogens to patients due to surgical instruments. , This process requires the use of cleaning tools, medical instrument cleaning brushes, and disinfectants.

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First, the medical surgical instruments after the operation need to be separated from the waste that cannot be reused. Then simply treat the stains on the surface, keep it moist, and send it to a professionally cleaned area after proper treatment.

Second is to thoroughly clean the surface stains of medical surgical instruments. Some instruments need to be removed for more detailed cleaning and subsequent disinfection and sterilization steps. In this process, enzymatic cleaners, ultrasonic cleaning, and medical equipment cleaning brushes are used. With cleaning agents, the medical device cleaning brush can remove stubborn residues. If the cleaning is thorough enough, these medical instruments and equipment can also be used. It should be noted that these medical instruments and equipment are not critical tools in surgery.

Medical instrument cleaning Brushes

Medical instrument cleaning Brushes

Third is disinfection. After the medical devices are thoroughly cleaned, they will be sent to the disinfection and disinfection center, and the disinfection is divided into low-level and high-level disinfection. According to the disinfection instructions in the hospital, use disinfectants accurately and effectively to eliminate residual pathogens, such as some nutritional bacteria, lipid viruses, and so on. Advanced disinfection is to further eliminate the pathogens remaining in the medical surgical instruments, and place the rinsed and dried medical surgical instruments in a specific disinfection device for disinfection.

Finally, the most critical sterilization, according to the hospital's sterilization instructions, do the final sterilization and cleaning, the sterilization process will kill all living beings, after this step is completed, the medical surgical instrument will perform the operation on the patient.

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