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  • How To Reduce Infection By Cleaning And Reusing Medical Equipment? | AOQUN

    How To Reduce Infection By Cleaning And Reusing Medical Equipment? | AOQUN

    August 18,2021.

    According to the data provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the hospital performs tens of millions of surgical operations in a year, and each time medical equipment and surgical instruments are used, and some of the surgical instruments are in direct contact with human wounds. of. But precisely because of this contact, pathogens and bacteria are more easily transferred, and the risk of infection is increased. Therefore, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization are an extremely important process to reduce the transmission of infectious pathogens to patients due to surgical instruments. , This process requires the use of cleaning tools, medical instrument cleaning brushes, and disinfectants. First, the medical surgical instruments after the operation need to be separated from the waste that cannot be reused. Then simply treat the stains on the surface, keep it moist, and send it to a professionally cleaned area after proper treatment. Second is to thoroughly clean the surface stains of medical surgical instruments. Some instruments need to be removed for more detailed cleaning and subsequent disinfection and sterilization steps. In this process, enzymatic cleaners, ultrasonic cleaning, and medical equipment cleaning brushes are used. With cleaning agents, the medical device cleaning brush can remove stubborn residues. If the cleaning is thorough enough, these medical instruments and equipment can also be used. It should be noted that these medical instruments and equipment are not critical tools in surgery. Medical instrument cleaning Brushes Third is disinfection. After the medical devices are thoroughly cleaned, they will be sent to the disinfection and disinfection center, and the disinfection is divided into low-level and high-level disinfection. According to the disinfection instructions in the hospital, use disinfectants accurately and effectively to eliminate residual pathogens, such as some nutritional bacteria, lipid viruses, and so on. Advanced disinfection is to further eliminate the pathogens remaining in the medical surgical instruments, and place the rinsed and dried medical surgical instruments in a specific disinfection device for disinfection. Finally, the most critical sterilization, according to the hospital's sterilization instructions, do the final sterilization and cleaning, the sterilization process will kill all living beings, after this step is completed, the medical surgical instrument will perform the operation on the patient.

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  • Why the Ventilator Tubing Can'T Leave The Cleaning Brush For Tubing - AOQUN

    Why the Ventilator Tubing Can'T Leave The Cleaning Brush For Tubing - AOQUN


    Do you know why the breathing tube needs to be cleaned? How to clean it? Cleaning brush for tubing expert-Aoqun tells you.   Ventilator tubing is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Especially when you have a cold or flu, you should strengthen the cleaning of the breathing tubing. Use warm water and detergent, but not bleach. The cleaning brush for tubing is generally a spring brush. Can touch the long ventilator pipe and clean the inside of the curved pipe. When the cleaning is completed, the ventilator pipe needs to be hung on a rack to ensure it is completely dried, but it cannot be placed in the sun, otherwise it will be easily oxidized and shorten the service life.   Cleaning brush for tubing is inseparable from ventilator tubing, do you remember? As for where to find the cleaning brush for tubing, of course it is to look for Aoqun. The brushes produced by Aoqun have passed the SGS inspection and meet the EU standard certification of ROHS 10 and SVHC 201.

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  • How to Choose High-Quality Medical Cleaning Brush 1mm? AOQUN

    How to Choose High-Quality Medical Cleaning Brush 1mm? AOQUN


    How to choose high-quality medical cleaning brush 1mm, Aoqun will share with you (1) The high-quality medical cleaning brush 1mm is made of pure materials, safe and environmentally friendly. Some products can pass the FDA test. (2) The high-quality medical cleaning brush 1mm uses high-quality stainless steel 304 and 316 frame, which is not easy to rust. (3) The head adopts a special process to avoid scratching expensive medical equipment. (4) The high-quality medical cleaning brush 1mm has passed RoHS and SVHC tests. Aoqun has passed ISO13485 and ISO9001 quality management system certification, and exported high-quality medical cleaning brush 1mm in large quantities. It is popular in Europe, America and other countries, and has been highly praised by customers and is trustworthy.

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  • How to Clean Bottle Brush Lab? AOQUN

    How to Clean Bottle Brush Lab? AOQUN


    A US customer said that he bought a batch of bottle brush labs before, and many customers asked him how to use bottle brush labs correctly.   Although there are not too many and strict requirements for the use of ordinary bottle brush lab, many details should be paid attention to. First: When brushing, the bottle brush lab must be rotated or moved up and down, but the force should not be too strong to prevent damage to the test tube and bottle brush lab;   Second: After using the bottle brush lab, it is best to dry the brush or wipe it dry with absorbent paper;   Third: then disinfect with soapy water   Fourth: Clean the test tube after the water is cool, then rinse with a large amount of tap water, then rinse with distilled water three times, and dry it for later use.   American customers use the bottle brush lab according to the method we explained, which not only protects the test tube, but also greatly extends the service life of the bottle brush lab. Praise that we are indeed experts in bottle brush lab.

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  • Small Size, Big Effect-AOQUN Mini Cleaning Brush

    Small Size, Big Effect-AOQUN Mini Cleaning Brush


    With people's pursuit of food, oral health problems have become increasingly serious. At present, people's daily cleaning of the residue between the teeth is mainly to brush the residue out with a toothbrush. However, the disadvantage of the existing toothbrush is that it is difficult for the bristles to penetrate between the teeth, resulting in poor cleaning effect. For cleaning between teeth, we recommend using a special interdental mini cleaning brush.     Next, I will explain the technology and use of the brush. The front end of this interdental mini cleaning brush is bristled with steel wire, and the back end is fixed to the handle. Due to the small diameter of the brush wire, one end of the double helix with the bristles can be inserted into the interdental space to remove the residue between the interdental space, which improves the cleaning effect. When in use, hold the handle, insert one end of the double helix with bristles into the gap between teeth and twitch it back and forth, the bristles can bring out the residue.   The interdental mini cleaning brush is to solve the problems of the existing toothbrushes that the bristles are difficult to reach between the teeth and the cleaning effect is poor, and it provides a brush with simple structure and good cleaning effect. Want to know more about interdental mini cleaning brush? Contact Aoqun as soon as possible.

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  • AOQUN Popularizes Endoscopy Long Handle Cleaning Brush For You

    AOQUN Popularizes Endoscopy Long Handle Cleaning Brush For You


    How many people know about endoscopy long handle cleaning brush? The endoscopy long handle cleaning brush usually uses soft nylon bristles, one is to avoid scratching the pipe, and the other is to improve the cleaning effect. Although the endoscopy long handle cleaning brush is not in direct contact with the human body, the appearance of the pipe should be smooth to ensure that it is easy to operate and pass through the passage. The endoscopy long handle cleaning brush usually uses double heads to ensure more effective reprocessing, saving half the effort. To avoid cross-contamination, they are all packaged separately. I believe that through the above popularization, everyone has a more intuitive understanding of endoscopy long handle cleaning brush. If you want to know more, please contact aoqun, and the gold medal customer service will reply within 10 minutes.

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