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Kinds Of Industrial Brushes Application

Kinds Of Industrial Brushes Application

March 13,2023.

Industrial brushes, brush rollers, and pipe brushes have a wide range of applications, and the selected manufacturing materials also vary according to different use environments. The categories of industrial brushes are rich and complicated, and a brief analysis is as follows.

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I. Application scope of the industrial brush roller

1. Cleaning and polishing of various industrial products and materials.

2. Surface treatment of metal hardware materials.

3. Clean and grind the surface of the printed circuit board.

In short, industrial brush rollers are widely used in the metallurgical industry, such as strip conveying under high temperatures, rough surface treatment, surface cleaning, oxide scale removal, plate polishing, etc.

II. Application scope of abrasive nylon brush roller

The abrasive nylon brush roller is made of imported 612 nylon and domestic 1010 nylon, combined with 20-40% of abrasive materials into the wire material for the brush roller, which has high strength, high rigidity, and fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, high melting point, etc., it is a high-strength and wear-resistant brush roller.

Abrasive nylon brush rollers are used for galvanized steel shot blasting machines, food machinery, and other industrial equipment.

III. Application scope of pipe brush and bottle brush

1. The bottle brush is used to remove dirt inside test tube bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and pharmaceutical bottles. The bristles are made of nylon, pig bristle, and other materials. The brush can be made according to the size of the bottle's diameter.

2. The deep holes of mechanical parts, related holes, and the joints of concentric and large holes will produce burrs during the processing process. Removing burrs can improve the quality of parts, which is an important part of the machining process. It is a necessary, economical, and efficient method to use channel brushes to deal with small hole burrs.

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