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Four Common Industrial Brushes

Four Common Industrial Brushes

March 14,2023.

From the perspective of making industrial brushes, there are several types of brush rollers:


1. Spring brushes. In terms of the manufacturing process, the industrial brushes and brush rollers adopt a new brush roller manufacturing method imported from abroad, which solves the difficulties of strong firmness and high precision.


2. The brush roller can be manufactured on a flat plate. The brushes produced by this method have high precision, but the cost is relatively high; the main thing is to arrange the brush wires first, and then put them into a special mold. The steel plate is punched into pieces of brush wheels, and then the brush wheels are strung together and fixed on the roller shaft to form an industrial brush wheel.


3. Horse nailing machine brush roller, which is also the most traditional production method, is to punch holes on the surface of the brush roller or brush plate, and then use a machine to implant the bristles into the holes that were previously punched; and this method produces Advanced industrial brushes and brush rollers are also widely used.


4. The injection-molded brush is used. The biggest advantage of this production process is that the bristles have a high binding force because its brush filaments are integrated with the brush plate; this production method is to put the brush filaments into a special In the mold, and then injection molding to integrates the brush wire and the brush plate; now the industry that uses this kind of brush more is the sanitation brush of the sanitation industry.

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