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How To Make Good Use Of The Sealing Brush?

How To Make Good Use Of The Sealing Brush?

October 25,2021.

The earliest garages were gatehouses used by large households to store horse-drawn carriages or passenger cars more than 400 years ago, mainly with wooden doors. The material of current garage doors is not only wood, but also stainless steel, aluminum alloy, tempered glass and copper. After the garage door is installed, a sealing brush is installed to keep the indoor environment clean to a large extent.

garage door seal brush

There are three types of garage doors: remote control, manual, and electric. Except for manual garage doors, all others are collectively referred to as automatic garage doors. Ordinary households or commercials will mostly be light-duty types. Garage doors installed in heavy equipment scenarios such as industry will be divided into two categories, medium-duty and heavy-duty, according to the power consumed by the door body. Garage doors are mainly divided into three types: rolling shutter doors, sliding doors, and inclined sliding doors. You can choose and install them according to your own habits and site.

F-shaped Screen door seal brush strip

F-shaped Garage Door Seal Brush Strip

The brush installed on the garage door is called the garage door sealing brush. The brush is used with the aluminum alloy bracket (commonly used are H-shaped, F-shaped, Y-shaped, etc.. The shape can be customized). The rotatable hole can be pasted on the top, bottom and side of the garage door. The garage door sealing brush is large. Usefulness, let me introduce its function below.

Function 1: Seal and block dust, pests and rodents

The garage door is not sealed, and there will be some gaps on the top and bottom; install the garage door sealing brush, the brush filaments are evenly distributed, so it can block dust from blowing into the indoor space with the wind, and prevent insects from crawling in through the gaps . For example, Australia, where there is a large area with sparsely populated people, almost no family will have a garage. They will install garage door sealing brushes for their garages. They not only need to prevent insects and rats, but also fear the invasion of various birds, bats and other species. ".

Function 2: Reduce energy loss

Garage door sealing bristle brush filaments are tightly distributed, which can insulate cold and heat and reduce energy loss. In some shopping malls, corporate garages, and high-end places, the air conditioner is often turned on. The difference in temperature is obvious compared with the outdoor temperature. After installing the garage door sealing brush, it can block the gas exchange between outdoor heating and indoor air-conditioning, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Due to the characteristics of their use scenes, some customers will need a garage door sealing brush with flame-retardant function to prevent the fire from spreading rapidly in the event of a fire or mountain fire, and to reduce casualties as much as possible. This can be achieved by selecting functional brush filaments.

Aoqun Brush Factory has focused on custom production of garage door sealing brushes for nearly 20 years. It is produced with strict selection of pure materials. It is wear-resistant, non-deformable and not easy to shed. The product has a long service life. The brush filaments have passed the high-level certification of UL94-V0. The styles are diverse. I also provide customized services to meet the needs of different customers. In addition to garage door sealing brushes, Aoqun can also adapt sealing brushes for train screen doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, KFC doors, rolling doors, etc. Customers are welcome to consult and customize with drawings and samples.

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