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  • Bottle Brush Wire Handle Bristles Selection Reference - AOQUN

    Bottle Brush Wire Handle Bristles Selection Reference - AOQUN


    Material selection for bottle brush wire handle application: To select the bottle brush wire handle correctly, firstly select the appropriate brush wire material according to the physical and chemical properties of the material to be processed, such as the surface finish and hardness of the material; select the shape of the bottle brush wire handle according to the working conditions; according to the process parameters Calculate the size and speed of the bottle brush wire handle. In general, the larger the diameter of the round brush, the better the effect. Under the same diameter, the shorter the brush wire, the stronger the grinding force, and the longer the brush wire, the weaker the grinding force.   Aoqun bottle brush wire handle plastic wire is available in PA, PP, animal hair and other materials, and customers can customize bottle brush wire handles with different wire diameters and bottom sizes according to different needs.   Aoqun has been focusing on the customization of bottle brush wire handles for 12 years, providing a series of customized services such as expert 1:1 solution planning, engineers on-site measurement, customized solutions within 8 hours, and sample delivery in 2 days. To be able to meet the application needs of each customer, to help each customer find the bottle brush wire handle they need.

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  • What are the Common 360 Cleaning Brushes? AOQUN

    What are the Common 360 Cleaning Brushes? AOQUN


    In May, I received an email from Aoqun customers who have cooperated for 5 years. The content is that the latest batch of orders planned to be sent by sea is changed to express. Although COVID-19 is still severe in the United States, the sales volume of 360 cleaning brush has risen instead of falling. In a hurry. So what is 360 cleaning brush? Let us understand together. Aoqun produces different brushes for different parts of the industry, such as interface brushes and valve brushes. Pay more attention to cleaning and maintenance of accessories in daily use. The 360 cleaning brush produced by Aoqun uses environmentally friendly, non-toxic wool, and has passed RoHS and SVHC. Hope that the global COVID-19 can be effectively controlled in a shorter time. Aoqun Brush Industry will continue to do 360 cleaning brush.

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  • About the Process Of Purchasing Decanter Washing Brush – AOQUN Manufacturer

    About the Process Of Purchasing Decanter Washing Brush – AOQUN Manufacturer


    Customers can formulate the decanter washing brush you need according to the model and specifications of their own equipment. Aoqun can help you make specifications and materials for reference.   [Specifications]: The size of the decanter washing brush is determined by the customer, and we can give the specification for reference.   [Material]: decanter washing brush body material, brush filament material can be selected according to customer requirements, we will inform customers of the purpose and quality of each material, such as brush filament materials, there are many kinds of materials, more specifications, we can According to the customer's decanter washing brush use industry to help select materials.   [Process]: We have a variety of decanter washing brush making processes, customers can choose the making process of decanter washing brush according to their needs, we try our best to meet customer needs.     After the specification materials are selected, the contract is signed, and the two parties agree on the delivery time and payment method. If the decanter washing brush received by the customer is different from the previously discussed, it is our quality problem. We will re-produce or refund to the customer. In short, customer satisfaction is our goal! The needs of customers are our pursuit!   If you want to know more about purchasing decanter washing brush, Aoqun welcomes your consultation.

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  • No Wonder This Kind Of Bottle Brushes In Bulk Is Cheaper - AOQUN

    No Wonder This Kind Of Bottle Brushes In Bulk Is Cheaper - AOQUN


    Low prices meet the consumer demand for cheap and affordable, but they may not be satisfied with the purchased goods or services. The resolution of this contradiction is actually a game. Price is the appearance, and the value embodied by the quality of the product is the core. Bottle brushes in bulk of the same style and size, but the price is quite different, why? Bottle brushes in bulk for cleaning generally use nylon, but there are many types of nylon, nylon 6 and nylon 612 are commonly used, nylon 6 is generally used for ordinary cleaning products, and nylon 612 is often used for medical products. Nylon 6 has a low melting point and a wide process temperature range, but it has strong moisture absorption, which shows that it is gradually destroyed. In addition to the characteristics of general nylon, nylon 612 also has the advantages of lower water absorption and density, good dimensional stability, and higher tensile strength and impact strength. Whether it is practicality or durability, nylon 612 is far better than nylon 6, which is why nylon 612 is more expensive than nylon 6, and quality determines the price. Bottle brushes in bulk of different materials have different uses and prices. Want detailed information? Call Aoqun for consultation.

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  • Are You Sure Not To Take A Look At The Production Process Of Bottle Brush Vintage? AOQUN

    Are You Sure Not To Take A Look At The Production Process Of Bottle Brush Vintage? AOQUN


    Bottle brush vintage has many applications because of its simple structure and strong plasticity. Today we will get to know its production process.   There are two types of machines for processing bottle brush vintage, traditional and automatic machines. What we are sharing today is the production process of the automatic machine. The first is to cut the raw material brush filaments into sections according to the standard specifications, and then put the cut brush filaments into the brush slot. Prior to this, the wire twisting machine has placed the skeleton raw materials and can officially start production. Using fully automatic production equipment to produce, the brush filaments and skeleton will be quickly and tightly twisted together in equal distances, and it is not easy to shed hair. After finalizing, cut according to the set length, and a regular bottle brush vintage is ready.   And some bottle brush vintages with cones (or other special shapes), long and short hairs that we have seen need to add one more process to the brush filaments-flying hair, and trim the brush filaments mechanically according to the specified outer diameter. carry out. The use of automated production equipment can ensure the accuracy of dimensions and tolerances, but the accuracy of manual production is difficult to guarantee. If you need to customize bottle brush vintage, it is recommended to cooperate with large manufacturers to ensure product quality.   Of course, the work of quality inspection is indispensable. During quality inspection, it is necessary to check that the skeleton is not rusty or corroded. The brush wire has no obvious unevenness. If it is too long, it needs to be manually trimmed; the hair is naturally distributed along the spiral radial direction, and the density is uniform. Bottle brush vintage products have no obvious color difference in the same batch, whether it is the color of the skeleton or the brush.   The production process of bottle brush vintage is roughly as described above. For more technical exchanges, please pay attention or leave me a message.

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  • How to Use Cleaning Brush Natural To Clean? AOQUN

    How to Use Cleaning Brush Natural To Clean? AOQUN


    A small cleaning brush natural is also very knowledgeable when choosing, let us understand how to choose materials together:   Sisal, cotton head, and pig hair are actually better and relatively original materials. They play different roles in cleaning according to the material. In recent years, sisal has been gradually used in the cleaning of various bottles. Cotton thread is used For softer cleaning, pig hair is harder, so it is used in places that are more difficult to clean.   There are also some petroleum raw materials such as PA610 (PA66, PA6) which are characterized by good wear resistance and high temperature resistance, and their elasticity is relatively good; the characteristics of PA612 or PA1010 are the best in nylon materials. Yes, its impact resistance and aging resistance are also very good, but its cost is also the highest and its wear resistance is not as good as PA61. Although the brush made of raw materials extracted from petroleum is relatively difficult to degrade, it is very durable and a good choice for cleaning. These materials can definitely be recycled or used for other purposes in the near future.   The above materials can be produced by Guangzhou Aoqun Brush, as a large-scale customized production enterprise of cleaning brush natural, can customize a variety of cleaning brush natural that meets your requirements, sizes and functions.

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