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AOQUN is a High Quality Sealing Strip Brush Manufacturer

AOQUN is a High Quality Sealing Strip Brush Manufacturer

September 21,2018.

Sealing strip brush is in common use in our daily life, no matter household door, industrial door, platform screen door or brush grommet on the desk, which provide us with the neat and comfortable life by best sealing effect.

AOQUN is a strip brush manufacturer who manufacture the qualified sealing strip brush with the aim of “Focus on quality, focus on brand”. We are continuous to create the customer satisfied products. Our sealing strip brush has the advantages like below:

Firstly, we have long term cooperation with famous brush filament supplier to provide filament that has the best quality and the purest PA66/PA612 to be wear resistance and longer life.

Scene of Filament Produce

Secondly, we choose stainless steel wire or steel wire to mount the brush on the brush base according to customer’s need.

Thirdly, AOQUN can customize thousands of sealing strip brushes for you by introduced 9 advanced brush machine and guarantee 100% pass rate by high productive efficiency of 9 brush machine working together.

Advanced Brush Machine

Scene of AOQUN Strip Brush Produce

Fourth, AOQUN has the independent quality standard for strip brush, and criteria to ensure shipment of qualified product.

AOQUN Product Quality Standard attached in the PD

We do a good job in every detail and every product by following our entrepreneurial spirit of “Create customer satisfied product”. If you choose AOQUN, equal to choose the high quality sealing strip brush manufacturer. Welcome to consult!

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