• Who is the Qualified Supplier for Garage Door Brush Seal? - AOQUN

    Who is the Qualified Supplier for Garage Door Brush Seal? - AOQUN

    March 21,2019.

    /Mario from Ireland called“Hello, can you please customize the garage door seal brush for me? according to the design and size I requested strictly. I have recently asked several suppliers, they can’t help me design and customize the brush seal for door I hope you can help me solve this problem." Our professional senior sales Ferad received Mario's call. He has a wealth of experience in garage door seal brush, Ferad is so called the Australian garage door seal brush prince in our company. Ferad talked to Mario and knew what Mario wanted. Although Mario told Ferad that he only had the picture and size of the door, we needed to help him design a seal brush for this garage door. Seeing the picture, Ferad gave Mario a new aluminum strip that we recently made. When Mario saw this aluminum strip, he was more certain about the strength of our design customization, and discussed the mold directly with Ferad. Ferad also let our engineer drew the design of the required aluminum strips, according to the shape and size given by Mario. Mario was very satisfied after seeing the drawings, and soon confirmed with Ferad to open the mold. On the 10th day, Ferad informed Mario that the first sample of aluminum strip had been made, also took the picture to Mario, then sent out the aluminum strip sample. On the third day after Mario received the sample, the sample was confirmed by direct mail. After 10 days, I received Mario's email and attached a 2,000-meter garage door seal brush order. Mario also said, "Because of AOQUN professionalism, help me design and match our garage door and help me solve problem, I won this 2,000-meter order."

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  • No Need to Worry about Cannula Instrument Cleaning Brushes' Cleaning Effect - AOQUN

    No Need to Worry about Cannula Instrument Cleaning Brushes' Cleaning Effect - AOQUN


    Mr. Tommy from Canada found our company through Alibaba. He said that they plan to purchase a batch of cannula instrument cleaning brushes, but the cannula instrument cleaning brushes must be of high quality, because the bad quality of the previous batch, many customers have experienced dizziness and nausea after using the bottle cleaned by the cannula instrument cleaning brushes, and even poisoning. This caused their company suffer a lot. We asked the Tommy to send us the cannula instrument cleaning brushes they used before. After receiving the Tommy's sample, our technicians conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Tommy's cannula instrument cleaning brushes and found that there are various physical discomforts occurred, because the quality of the bristles was not meet the medical grade requirements. We told Tommy the results of the analysis. At the same time, we sent the inspection report of the bristles to Tommy, and explained to Tommy that our bristles were tested by medical grade and guaranteed that there would be no harmful to user health. Tommy purchased 5000 cannula instrument cleaning brushes from us to test the market. A month later, Tommy found us again and ordered 5,0000pcs cannula instrument cleaning brushes, because Tommy sold the cannula instrument cleaning brushes for a month, did not receive any complaint as the last time, but received a lot of praise.

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  • Practical Liposuction Cannula Cleaning Brushes Set- AOQUN

    Practical Liposuction Cannula Cleaning Brushes Set- AOQUN


    We received an inquiry from Jack, a Japanese customer, he said he needed a liposuction cannula cleaning brushes set. However, as he need various sizes of brush, he did not find a suitable manufacturer. He asked us if we can produce a liposuction cannula cleaning brushes of various specifications sets. And then in order to solve the customer's problems and needs better and faster, we asked the customers to send us the overall pictures and drawings of their small spouts. After receiving the customer's pictures and drawings, we listed the size of liposuction cannula cleaning brushes, they are total four sizes. The technical department conducted the proofing test according to the drawings. After 10 days, the four models of liposuction cannula cleaning brushes were finally successfully completed. We used a key ring to thread the four bottle brushes together and arranged to send samples to the customer. After 15 days, we sent emailed to Jack. Jack told us that this liposuction cannula cleaning brushes set is really very practical. It is also very convenient to clean. After the investment in the market test, the response was also good, and it was favored by many consumers. Subsequently, Jack placed an order for 3000 pcs liposuction cannula cleaning brushes sets to AOQUN.

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  • Customize Liposuction Cannula Brushes Set---- AOQUN

    Customize Liposuction Cannula Brushes Set---- AOQUN


    A few days ago, we received an inquiry from Adam, a customer from the UK, who said that he wanted to buy a liposuction cannula brushes. In addition, Adam also said that he wanted a British tube set with several specifications and ask us if we can do it. We told Adam that what he asked was no problem,we could do it. Later, Adam sent us the specifications and drawings of the tube. We found that the British tube sizes are commonly used. Our technical department made samples according to these specifications.We also purchased the tubes that use this liposuction cannula brushes to double confirm, which proved that the liposuction cannula brushes were very matched and suitable.Then we sent this British tube set to Adam. After 10 days, we sent an email to Adam asking about the feedback of the sample. Adam said that this set of British liposuction cannula brushes is really matched to the tubes they use. It is simple, convenient to clean. The feedback on the market is very good, it has been favored by many consumers. After 1 month, we received an order of 5,000 sets for each specifications.

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  • Cannula Cleaning Brushes Specifications You Want Are All in AOQUN

    Cannula Cleaning Brushes Specifications You Want Are All in AOQUN


    Noble from the United States, said that he found us on Alibaba. He wanted to buy cannula cleaning brushes kit. He said that the sale is now scattered, and it is more troublesome for customers with different size needs, which affects sales and loses competitive advantage. We told Noble that we can make any brush size including the he wanted. Subsequently, Noble provided us with a drawing of the cannula cleaning brushes, we knew that it is some common size. After 7 days, we made the samples according to the customer's drawing requirements, and add a color bead on the brush loop to distinguish the size, then deliver to the customer. A month later, Noble said that the cannula cleaning brushes is really very convenient, and it also solves the problem that the brushes are in a mess display and the customer is difficult to find. The market feedback is very good and the cannula cleaning brushes kit is favored by many customers! After 3 days, we received order 3,000 pcs for each size from Noble.

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  • AOQUN Nylon Cannula Brushes Set Help You to Clean

    AOQUN Nylon Cannula Brushes Set Help You to Clean


    Colin from the United States said that he was introduced by a friend and he wanted a nylon cannula brushes kit. But he wants the nylon cannula brushes with different sizes and ask us if we can provide it. In addition, Colin said that the cannula brushes are very scattered now, and it is troublesome for customers that need different size, which not only affects sales, but also loses competitive advantage. We told Colin that we could make any cannula brushes of any size and it would be no problem to have as many nylon cannula brushes as possible to be in a set. Then Colin sent us the size of the nylon cannula brushes and we found that they are all common sizes. After 10 days, we successfully sampled according to Colin's specifications and sent different sizes of tube cannula brushes to him. A month later, Colin said that the use of these nylon cannula brushes sets is really very convenient, it also solves the problem that the cannula brushes are scattered and difficult for customers to find the size he want. The market feedback is very good and he have received many customers' favors and eager to buy them! After 7 days, we received an order for 3,000 pcs for each Colin size.

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