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Why Use Energy-Saving Brush Strips For Doors And Windows?

Why Use Energy-Saving Brush Strips For Doors And Windows?

December 1,2021.

Energy-saving brush strips for doors and windows are installed on the screen doors of subways and the revolving doors of hotels, or on the screen doors of some large equipment or machinery. Traditional door and window rubber strips have the shortcomings of high friction coefficient and non-flame retardant, easy to damage when moving doors and windows, and generate static electricity.

1. The base of the energy-saving sealing brush for doors and windows uses SUS304 with good corrosion resistance (>8% nickel content,>19% aluminum) or electro-galvanized sheet with stable structure and well-balanced color.

2. The base line of the base is straight, and the axis of the cross section is symmetrical. The hairs are sparsely dense and uniform in thickness, with the same height and length, without falling off, no loosening, and pulling resistance of 6KG. It can strengthen the sealing effect between doors and windows and prevent noise interference. The friction coefficient is reduced, which has a good energy-saving effect without losing the sealing performance.

3. Energy-saving brush strips for doors and windows have passed the SVHC test and comply with EU standards. The filament yarn is a functional nylon yarn with elasticity, strong resilience, high flexibility and good wear resistance. It is also anti-static and flame-retardant (extinguishes when it is separated from the fire, no burning objects fall), and appears smokeless and no radiation , Non-toxic, low-calorie.

4. The heat distortion temperature is as high as 185-190, the melting point is as high as 218-224, and the nylon density reaches 1.14. When it is ignited, it burns slowly, with white smoke. The color of the flame is yellow on the outer layer and light blue on the inner layer.

5. Let the sealing gap of the equipment no longer be restricted by the shape of the brush. The choice is diverse. The design is reasonable and suitable for various shapes.

Nylon Dust Proof Door Sealing Strip Brush

Steps to install the door and window sealing brush strips:

First measure the door gap size, and customize the door and window sealing brush with a suitable height, so there is no need to replace doors and windows with great effort. In order to make the installation more convenient, the current brushes do not need to be punched, and only need to paste 3M tape behind the aluminum alloy bracket to use. After 3-5 years of use, it will not fall under normal conditions. If you add it, you only need to replace the tape on the back. It is very practical and beautiful, and the cost is relatively low.

installing door strip brush

When choosing to buy door and window sealing brushes, it is also very particular. Generally, sealing brushes of different materials should be selected according to different use environments. For example, to install a dust-proof sealing brush near the door, it is recommended to choose a nylon brush with better abrasion resistance; if it is used in a cabinet sealing brush, a brush with a certain flame retardant function should be selected. When installed on mechanical equipment, it is necessary to choose PA/PP or other material sealing brushes according to the different use environment, considering whether to choose high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, and chemical resistance.

Install "door and window sealing brush strips" for your doors and windows. The installation is simple and inexpensive, but the effect is very good, which can save energy and resources for you and reduce expenses. The door seal brush strip developed by Aoqun, the base adopts high-quality aluminum alloy unit structure, it is simple and convenient to disassemble, the surface is anodized, smooth, thick and durable, and various profiles are complete in specifications. Factory direct supply, industrial-grade quality.

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