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Why Should Use AOQUN Endotracheal Cleaning Brush?

Why Should Use AOQUN Endotracheal Cleaning Brush?

September 21,2018.

Tracheal intubation is an important rescue technique commonly used in first aid. It is one of the most widely used and effective methods in respiratory management. It is also the basic skill that medical staffs must master in order to save the life of patients and reduce the mortality rate.

So what is the main tube of tracheal intubation? Look at the below picture!

endotracheal cleaning brush

Tracheal intubation is an elongated hose that requires a suitable endotracheal cleaning brush to clean the cannula. We may have the wrong opinion that it is just a simple endotracheal cleaning brush, we can easy to find one. NO, NO, NO, it isn’t. I believe we all know that these tracheal intubations are directly in contact with the human body, so we also have strict quality requirements for the endotracheal cleaning brush.

If we made the endotracheal cleaning brush by normal brush filament, it will lose color, filament, or has very stiff filament, etc. It will damage the inner of the pipeline.and if there are residual endotracheal cleaning brush filament in the pipeline, serious things may happen.

I will tell you what material AOQUN endotracheal cleaning brush is made by.

1. Firstly, it is made of FDA endotracheal cleaning brush filament which reached the food safety grade, can directly contact with human bodies with damage.

2. The shaft is 304/316 stainless steel, no rust.

3. Offer different diameter of the endotracheal cleaning brush according to the size of the cannula, in order to identify the different diameter of the brush more easily.

4. The Loop can be added colored beads to identify the different diameters, nice and easy to use!

endotracheal cleaning brush

AOQUN is the first brush manufacturer to pass the ISO certification in brush industry. Our products complies with the RoHS 10 items, SVHC 169 items, FDA certification. AOQUN is your preferred endotracheal cleaning brush manufacturer absolutely!

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