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What Is The Function Of The Soft Velvet Roller Brush Head?

What Is The Function Of The Soft Velvet Roller Brush Head?

December 7,2021.

Urban people rush to work and study almost every day, and the pace keeps accelerating. The emergence of smart products such as vacuum cleaners and sweepers can be said to have helped many office workers solve their home cleaning problems. Today we talk about the soft velvet roller brush head of the vacuum cleaner.


Soft Rolling Brush

The soft velvet roller brush head is very popular in the Chinese market. It fits the elements of Chinese household wood floors and ceramic tiles. It can absorb larger dust and fine dust. The soft velvet material covered by the suction head can also buffer the drag on the hard wood floor. Wear. The dust, dander and various allergens on the carpet are all hidden under the strong suction power of the vacuum cleaner. The soft velvet roller brush head can efficiently clean the hard floor. It is cleaner while sucking and wiping, and it is not easy to entangle the hair.


The soft velvet roller brush head customized and supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory is produced using the new 3.0 flocking technology. The bristles are distributed with high density and uniformity. The bristles are fastened, durable and wear-resistant, and have good resilience and adaptability. Well, it can basically meet the cleaning needs of many families. For more product information, please consult Aoqun Brush Factory. Aoqun can customize and produce soft velvet roller brush heads of various materials and specifications according to the style of your vacuum cleaner.

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