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What Happens If You Don't Choose Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Brush?

What Happens If You Don't Choose Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Brush?

October 18,2021.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are commonly used cleaning tools by manufacturers. The cleaner brushes that have more contact with the ground must choose a more durable brush head. Let me tell you the details of industrial vacuum cleaner brushes.

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Vacuum Cleaning Brush Strip

Industrial vacuum cleaner brushes are also called vacuum cleaner floor brushes. Punching strip brushes are commonly used. Aoqun Brush Factory can customize one-to-one production according to the size, height and density distribution of the punching holes. Large-diameter exhaust brushes are mostly used to inhale large garbage, while small-diameter exhaust brushes are used to inhale paper dust from small objects. There are also many shapes, such as four borders, straight bars, arch bridges, and oval shapes. In the selection of materials, horsehair and nylon brush filaments with good flexibility are more commonly used. Both have good resilience and toughness, are not easy to break, wear resistance, damage resistance, and stability. They are not easy to bend, curl, and curl when used. Phenomenon such as falling hair. The service life of the vacuum cleaner brush is guaranteed, so it is sought after by many manufacturers.

Aoqun Brush is a brush manufacturer specializing in various types of industrial vacuum cleaner brushes and household vacuum cleaner brush heads. We support drawing consultation and customization. The company has strong soft and hard strength and strong production capacity; nearly 20 years of brush-making experience. For more product information, please call Aoqun's 24-hour online customer service.

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