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  • Cleaning Brush Roller Used In All Walks Of Life - AOQUN

    Cleaning Brush Roller Used In All Walks Of Life - AOQUN


    Cleaning brush roller can be divided into many types, and different types play different roles. Today we will talk about one of them-spring cleaning brush roller.   Spring cleaning brush roller is also called winding cleaning brush roller. With the shaft as the center (there is also a process without shaft), the brush wire is embedded and pressed in a galvanized iron or stainless steel bar, and then wound into a spring shape by a machine. The brush roller made of spring technology solves the problems of high density and strong fastness. When manufacturing, the bristles are pressed into an aluminum or stainless steel strip by a steel wire through a strip brush device to make a strip brush, and then wound on the roller. On the shaft, the two ends are welded firmly by sub-pot welding. In some special industrial production, it is also necessary to make a spring brush with a certain gap to achieve a special effect of dust removal.   Spring cleaning brush roller uses different brush filament materials, which can be applied to glass machinery, textile printing and dyeing, electronic production, pharmaceuticals, packaging machinery, hardware, tobacco machinery, food processing, environmental sanitation and environmental protection industries to provide cleaning, dust removal, polishing, and sealing for products , Water absorption and strip conveying under high temperature.     Spring cleaning brush rollers appear more and more in our lives. How much do you know about spring cleaning brush rollers?

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  • Custom- Made Cleaning Brush Rotating With Good Quality For You – AOQUN

    Custom- Made Cleaning Brush Rotating With Good Quality For You – AOQUN


    Cleaning brush rotating is used in many production lines. Some businesses sell quality, and some businesses sell "low prices". Various flags are raised. The products on the market disturb the sight of consumers. As consumers, we must learn to identify quality Good product.    The low-priced cleaning brush rotating is generally not made of pure nylon material for cost reasons. Instead, it uses some secondary recycled materials or PP, PBT and other wool to cover the eyes. The wear resistance and resilience of these materials are inferior. Compared with pure nylon, the product has a short service life, is easy to break, and the replacement cycle is fast, which is equivalent to increasing our cost.    Not to mention the process, it is basically far from the industry standard. According to market surveys, many low-quality cleaning brush rotating seamless steel pipes have a thickness of only 3mm, which is far below the industry standard of 2mm. In addition, the joint between the shaft head and the seamless steel pipe is also reflected. The round table of the good-quality cleaning brush rotating roller will extend into the steel pipe more to be firm and durable. The density of wool is also one of the performances of quality.   Aoqun cleaning brush rotating company has nearly 20 years of customized production experience. It focuses on the customization and production of high-quality cleaning brush rotating products. It insists on using pure brush filaments to produce products. The products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and the quality is obtained at home and abroad. Customer's approval, strong customization ability can produce a variety of functions, materials, styles of cleaning brush rotating for you, welcome customers to consult and customize with drawings and samples.

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  • Do You Know The 4 Major Applications Of Cleaning Roller Brush? AOQUN

    Do You Know The 4 Major Applications Of Cleaning Roller Brush? AOQUN


    Cleaning roller brush, it is mainly composed of brush filament attachment (such as: plastic tube, nylon tube, etc.), brush filament and metal shaft. It is commonly used in the four major industries of food processing, ceramics, glass manufacturing and textile industry. The first is the food processing industry. The cleaning roller brush is widely used. For example, it is needed for the cleaning of vegetables and fruits, and it is also needed for the screening of noodles and flour. The flour of one of the multinational restaurant chains is also selected in this way. Followed by the ceramic industry. The cleaning roller brush takes the sandalwood core as the axis and regularly implants plastic brush filaments around the center to work. In the glass ceramic industry, it is mainly used for glaze processing on the surface of tiles or other pottery and porcelain products. Another is glass manufacturing. In glass manufacturing, stainless steel cleaning roller brush is needed because its main function is to prevent corrosion. If combined with a suction roller, the glass will drive away bubbles faster, and the water droplets on the surface of the glass will be absorbed completely. Finally, there is the textile industry. Cleaning roller brush is particularly common in this industry, mainly used in textile industry equipment for shaping, including sanding machine cleaning roller brush, combing machine cleaning roller brush, spinning machine cleaning roller brush and so on. Of course, the application of cleaning roller brush is far more than these 4 industries, such as paper industry, printing industry, cigarettes and other industries will have its presence. So, actually cleaning roller brush is also very close to our lives. Guangzhou Aoqun specializes in producing customized cleaning roller brush for 20 years, and a service team with 17 years of industry experience design solutions for customers. High-quality cleaning roller brush products can be customized according to customers' industry requirements and use effects.

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  • Cleaning Brush Round For Photovoltaic Solar Panel -AOQUN

    Cleaning Brush Round For Photovoltaic Solar Panel -AOQUN


    Photovoltaic solar panels mainly generate electricity by absorbing solar energy and converting them into electrical energy. Cleaning as required can ensure the cleanliness of the surface of the photovoltaic panel, which is beneficial to absorb as much sunlight as possible, thereby ensuring the power generation; if the components accumulate dust for a long time, not only will it be lost If the power generation is serious, it will also produce hot spot effect, which will cause short life and even damage to the components; therefore, it is necessary to always pay attention to the cleanliness of the components and clean them appropriately to ensure the power generation. Therefore, the cleaning brush round for solar panel cleaning aluminum tube came into being. Solar panel cleaning aluminum tube roller cleaning brush round is a kind of spiral-shaped hair roller cleaning brush round with an aluminum tube as the brush shaft. The cleaning brush round is wound on the brush shaft in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The density of the brush round mainly depends on the spacing of the circles, and the density can be customized according to customer requirements. If you still use a small dry broom or rag to sweep away the attachments on the surface of the solar panel, such as dry ash, leaves, etc., a little carelessness may cause scratches on the layout. Therefore, use a solar cleaning robot to clean the solar panel. Under the combined action of the soft nylon wire of the cleaning brush round of the aluminum tube roller and the spraying of water mist, safe cleaning can be achieved, and it is more efficient than traditional manual cleaning. Aoqun Brush Industry can customize solar panel cleaning aluminum tube roller cleaning brush round of various specifications, sizes and materials for you, so that your cleaning robot can be installed more appropriately and cleaning more efficiently.

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  • Is Your Rotating Cleaning Brush Safe - AOQUN

    Is Your Rotating Cleaning Brush Safe - AOQUN


    Food safety is an interdisciplinary field that specifically discusses how all parties can ensure food hygiene and food safety, reduce hidden diseases and prevent food poisoning in the steps of food processing, storage, and sales. Food safety has always been a priority for people, so there will be strict requirements for rotating cleaning brushes.   Customers' high requirements for rotating cleaning brush accessories originate from unscrupulous manufacturers' selection of materials. In order to save costs, some manufacturers will choose lower-cost materials, but such materials are often accompanied by the danger of failing materials.   Therefore, in order to deal with this problem, Aoqun Brush Industry has launched the FDA-registered rotating cleaning brush. The brush is made of nylon material certified by the FDA. The FDA is a government sanitation team composed of doctors, lawyers, microbiologists, pharmacologists, chemists, statisticians and other professionals dedicated to protecting, promoting and improving people’s health. Regulatory monitoring agency. Products certified by the FDA are safe and effective for the human body. If you are worried that the rotating cleaning brush you are using is unsafe or want to ensure the safety of the brush, please contact Aoqun Brush.

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  • FDA Registered Brush Disc Seal-AOQUN

    FDA Registered Brush Disc Seal-AOQUN


    Mr. Shi is developing a cleaning machine for the needs of foreign customers. Because cleaning is involved, an FDA-registered brush disc seal industrial brush must be used. Mr. Shi thought it was a simple matter, but he found 5 brush manufacturers through the Internet. In the end, all the brush disc seals purchased failed to pass the US FDA registration and the sample delivery failed.   Through multi-channel inquiries, Mr. Shi finally found Aoqun under the introduction of a friend. Mr. Yin Shi’s project has been developed for a period of time. With the support of the company, Ms. Sun provided Mr. Shi with FDA-registered brush disc seal samples in two days.   One month later, Mr. Shi called and reported that the customer was very satisfied with the test results of the brush disc seal provided by Aoqun, and hoped that Aoqun could start mass production as soon as possible.

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