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Manufacturers With Rich Strip Brushes

Manufacturers With Rich Strip Brushes

March 6,2023.

Since 2009, Aoqun Brush Inc. has been providing strip brushes as well as door-sealing solutions to various parts of the world. Our company offers fire-resistant nylon bristle strip brushes for various doors (garage doors, household doors, traffic track screen doors, etc.). Cooperate with CRRC, Schindler, Hitachi, ThyssenKrupp, and other well-known companies to provide them with high-quality strip brushes. The sealing strip brush is our company's star product, which is so versatile that it can be applied to doors, escalators, cleaning, and other industries.We have advanced automatic strip brush manufacturing machines, with a daily output of up to 60,000 meters, enough strip brush stock to supply all over the world.

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