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How To Clean The Vacuum Cleaner Brush Strip?

How To Clean The Vacuum Cleaner Brush Strip?

November 19,2021.

After using the vacuum cleaner brush for a long time, you will find a lot of dirty things. If you mess around, it is easy to damage the vacuum cleaner. So how should we clean up? To clean the brush of the vacuum cleaner, you can remove the brush head, soak it in the cleaning liquid, and rub it gently. In addition to brushing the part of the vacuum cleaner attached to the ground, you can also use toothpicks or bamboo sticks to take out the entangled garbage. Because of the strong adhesion of silk threads and hair, they can only be removed by hand.

Only a good matching brush can have a good cleaning effect. What problems should be paid attention to when choosing?

1. Good tensile force, no lint, tensile force> 6kg per 10mm length. Eliminate part failures caused by hair loss, thereby greatly improving the safety of the overall equipment.

2. Using pure nylon wool, the vacuum cleaner brush will contact the ground during use. Using pure nylon wool can improve abrasion resistance, extend the service life twice, and will not scratch precious floors (carpets).

3. The selection of materials is safe and environmentally friendly, acid and alkali resistant, UV resistant, and aging resistant, and can maintain good performance in harsh environments such as 40 degrees high temperature and minus 50 degrees low temperature.

The above are the valuable experience summaries from Aoqun Brush Industry's 11 years of customization experience. Not only do we customize the vacuum cleaner brush for you, but also give you a way to take care of the vacuum cleaner brush. Specializing in the brush industry, Aoqun Brush Factory will serve you.

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