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How To Choose Brush Filament For Industrial Brushes?

How To Choose Brush Filament For Industrial Brushes?

March 22,2023.

So the dust-proof seal brush, its main purpose is to install at the entrance and exit of industrial equipment, assembly lines, doors, windows, etc., to prevent dust from entering and affecting the production quality of industrial products. For this kind of dust-proof brush, The brush filament is nothing more than to have very good toughness, and the surface should be very smooth, but also have antistatic ability.

The polishing brush, the function is to polish and remove thorns on the surface of the polished object. The brush filament of this kind of polishing brush should be determined according to the material of the polished object. If the material of the polished object is hard For steel plates, etc., the brush wire used by the polishing brush must use bronze wire with very strong hardness. If the material of the object to be polished is ordinary iron products, the brush wire selected by the polishing brush must use steel wire with better hardness.

The cleaning brush is a kind of industrial brush used in agriculture and industry for cleaning and dust removal. For the cleaning brush, the cleaning brush is in the cleaning work for a long time, so the requirements for brush wire must be wear-resistant, It has corrosion resistance, and not easy to deform. Since the cleaning brush needs to keep the object in a certain fixed position for a long time, if the performance of the brush filament is not good, it will definitely cause grooves to appear in a certain position during the accumulated work. , thus destroying the use effect of the cleaning brush.

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